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Dynamic Web technology PHP analysis of cookies and session

1. PHP Cookies A cookie is a mechanism for storing data on a remote browser side to track and identify the user.PHP sends cookies in the header information of the HTTP protocol, so the Setcookie () function must be called before other information is

PHP strictly controls the expiration time of the session

Worked for some time, I believe you must have encountered a problem:          1. The front desk user does not know how to automatically drop the line.         2. All the front desk users are also off the line after the backstage exit.         3. I

Detailed explanation of how PHP session is stored

Confirm that the session is automatically open or need to be opened manually by Session_Start (): ; Specifies whether the session module starts a session automatically when the request starts. Default is 0 (not started) ; Initialize session on

Analysis of the session mechanism of PHP

This article mainly introduces the PHP session technical aspects of the article. 1.session.save_handler = Files 1. Session_Start () (1) session_start () is the beginning of the session mechanism, it has a certain probability to open garbage

PHP session and cookie implementation of automatic login

Use of Session: Session_Start (); Defines the $_session array variable. Session_Start () cannot have any form of output prior to use, including PHP output and HTML code. $_session arrays cannot use numeric subscripts, only string subscripts can

PHP session Read and write lock problem

After the Session_Start (), the corresponding session file is locked until the current script is closed to unlock it.During lockdown, Session_Start () begins when a process accesses a file that has the same session ID to be unlocked.The solution is

Start a PHP session with MySQL

By default, PHP sessions (session) are saved by a file. There are several disadvantages to doing this: Session files are generally small, but there are a lot of files, and saving many of these small files in a file system is a waste of space and

PHP predefined variables (ii)

Session variable ($_session): The data produced by the PHP session function is stored in the $_session variable in the form of a super global variable. 1. Introduction to Session Sessions are also called session periods, which are small pieces of

Server efficiency problems caused by a large number of PHP session temp files

Morning traffic is a bit large, the site export traffic about 5M, access quality is not very good, the Web response is relatively slow, the system load is high. It's strange to check the next Web node and all the Web server's httpd threads are full

Use the PHP session (sessions) to achieve user login function

Comparing the cookie,session is stored on the server side of the session, relatively secure, and does not have the storage length limit as cookies do, this article briefly describes the use of sessions. because the session is stored in the form of

PHP Session Application Instance login verification

Login Username: Password:cookie save time: Browser process Save 1 days Save 30 days Save 365 days -------------------------------------------------------------------- @mysql_connect ("localhost", "root", "1981427")//Select database before you

PHP Server implementation Multi-session parallel

session| Server "Summary" to solve the session concept, I am writing for my unit a invoicing system found that need to allow multiple users to enter a PHP application at the same time. The original static unique session ID of the design resulted in

PHP Session FAQ Highlights and Solutions

PHP Session FAQ Highlights and solutions: 1. Error tips Warning:cannot send session Cookie-headers already sent Warning:cannot Send session cache Limiter-headers already sent Analysis and Solving methods The reason for this kind of problem is

PHP saves session with database

PHP saves the session by default in the way the file is saved, which is only available on Windows with a very small space overhead, but if we use Uinx or the file system on Liux, the file space overhead of such a file system is very large, However,

PHP Load Balancing Guide

In the past, running a large Web application meant running a large Web server. Because your application attracts a large number of users, you will have to add more memory and processor to your server. today, the ' big server ' model is over,

PHP sets the lifetime of the session

This article mainly shares the knowledge about the life cycle of the PHP session. First of all, the beginning of the session creation to the end of the process. When a program needs to create a session for a client's request, the server first

PHP Session Exit Login Problem

This article is mainly on the PHP session out of the landing problem was introduced, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help youIn PHP, if you use the session to determine whether the user login, exit, you can: Session_Start ()

The solution of the session never expires in PHP and its realization method

Let PHP session never expire, you may not encounter such a depressing problem, but I met, very depressed. We have developed a system that only the company's customer service personnel can use-a limited number of customer service personnel. This is

PHP session in the detailed

A summary of session| detailed explanation Session refers to the time when a user browses to a Web site, from entering a Web site to a browser shutdown, which is the time the user spends browsing the site. As we can see from the above definition,

PHP Custom Session Save Directory

Today a client website suddenly reported a bunch of error prompts, prompting the code as follows: Warning:session_start () [Function.session-start]: Open (/VAR/LIB/PHP/SESSION/SESS_0DJ5OL1FP235A0SCU79S8C33T1, O_ RDWR) Failed:permission denied (+)

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