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Some of the best prohibited functions in php.ini (Diables

PHP has a lot of functions, some functions are not safe, so we need to ban. So which functions are dangerous. Phpinfo ()   function Description: Output PHP environment information and related modules, WEB environment and other information.  

debugging PHP programs with Xdebug

What is Xdebug? Xdebug is a php extension for debugging PHP programs that can provide a lot of useful debugging information. Installation of 1.Xdebug First of all, let's assume that our development platform is Windows XP with Apache installed and

PHP4 installation instances on IIS and APACHE2 servers under WinXP

Recently, a lot of friends asked me about the installation process of PHP under Windows XP, just recently I successfully installed the PHP4.23 in a modular manner on my own machine. Since so many friends need it, I'll take the most common IIS and Apa

Iis+mysql+php Learning

To find a lot of data versions are very old, new found this seems to be good! Linews may use php! Below someone said unsuccessful, below I take WIN2003 system as an example, reinstall the configuration demo, add screenshots to everyone, strong hope t

Methods for using an infinite lifetime session

Session in PHP4.0 added to the session support, convenient for us a lot of programs, such as shopping carts and so on! In many forums, session is also used to deal with user login, record user name and password, so that users do not have to enter the

Win7 Manual configuration Apache+php+mysql

Originally wanted to learn PHP, so want to build a Web server and SQL environment, the result wasted a lot of time. The general summary, also is a long memory. The installation packages used are Htt

PHP Code Execution Vulnerability Reference summary

a code execution function A function in PHP that can execute code. such as Eval (), assert (), ', System (), exec (), shell_exec (), PassThru (), Escapeshellcmd (), pcntl_exec (), etc. Demo Code 1.1

Discussion on the problem of curl opening in PHP

  Sina provided in the PHP SDK needs to use the Curl_init () function, in the debugging time to find the Curl_init (), the following for you to open the curl steps Today in doing a Sina login f

Solve wordpress file upload and download problems

On the Internet some changes in wordpress file upload size restrictions, mostly a version, and said not accurate, especially for the novice guidance is not strong, this article summarizes the use of WordPress blog friends in the file upload and downl

Redhat 9 configuration APACHE2.0.50 +PHP5+MYSQL4.0.20+GD Library

Apache|mysql|php5 Linux to configure the APACHE2.0.50+PHP5.0.3+MYSQL4.0.20+GD library a few days ago, upgrade the server, because of the GD library. Make no PHP4.3.8 so it's a step by step PHP5 In fact, the installation steps and PHP4 only a litt

Install the PHP4.0 Official edition on IIS

This article is written in the context of the Windows 2000 Simplified Chinese official edition (IIS5.0), in Windows NT 4.0 IIS4.0 should also be suitable, have any questions please tell me, here thank you, ^_^ 1, software download: Http://

Using Memcache in PHP

    I. Installation memcache extensions             First we check our current PHP environment for memcache extensions with the Phpinfo () function. Create a new file info.php in the root directory of the serve

Not found in the GD library phpinfo that Windows Server opens PHP

When the Windows Server opens the GD Library of PHP, the results of phpinfo () after using CGI do not appear in the Configure Command. The Configure Command displays the following: The code is as fo

The method of using infinite lifetime session in PHP

In the PHP4.0 added to the session support, convenient for us a lot of programs, such as shopping carts and so on!In many forums, session is also used to deal with user login, record user name and password, so that users do not have to enter their ow

PHP setup and Web server troubleshooting

One, for the PHP page completely inaccessible situation 1, to confirm that the problem is PHP or IIS and other server issues Judging method, in the directory to decentralize a static file, through the browser to determine whether the static file ca

PHP installation Mode mod

Install PHP and face to the choice of mode, before is the choice of mod_php mode, because it is easier to install HA, today suddenly concerned about fastcgi this model, sepsis a handful of mod_php and

8 Tips for PHP scripts (1) Install PHP as Apache DSO

apache| Tricks | Scripting PHP is often used with Apache Web servers for Linux/unix platforms. When we install PHP in the Apache environment, you have three installation modes to choose from: Static m

Linux installation Zend Optimizer and Eaccelerator tutorials

Eaccelerator and Zend Optimizer is an accelerated software, we can use it to synchronize with the PHP environment to use PHP performance better, let's take a look at Linux installation Zend Optimizer

INI file configuration under XAMPP

After installing the XAMPP, if do the integration environment, carries on the program to move the value, has checked php.ini unexpectedly has three many Which one is it anyway? After the information is checked. It turns out that what really works

Phpinfo () The Little Secret (of a fat man with two cigarettes in his mouth!):-) )

Access by browser Http:// You will see! A fat man with two cigarettes in his mouth!:-) Secret in logos.h the image data defined in the array. unsigned char php_egg_logo[] = { 71, 73, 70

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