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To generate the APNs Service PEM certificate required by PHP

1. Login to the IPhone Developer Connection Portal and click App IDs2. Create an App ID that does not use wildcard characters. Wildcard IDs cannot be used with push Notification Services. For example, our iphone program ID looks like this:

How to configure HTTPS two-way authentication with Tomcat server

First, please ensure that the JDK is installed, and that the environment variables and configurations are well configured First step, generate a certificate for the server: Use Toolkey to generate certificates for Tomcat, assuming the domain name

Use header definition as file and then ReadFile download

  Sometimes in order to hide the real download address, we defined the header as a file and then readfile the download, but this will increase the burden on the server, generally do not recommend download a large number of files The code is as

MIME format in IIS

Iis|mime MIME format in IIS, sorted by type/subtype The table below lists MIME content types sorted by MIME content type/subtype, which are registered in IIS 4.0 and IIS 5.0. Type/subtype extension IIS 4.0 IIS 5.0 Application/envoy Evy is

OpenSSL tools Common configuration commands

In the previous articles on the replacement certificate for VMware products, different OpenSSL configuration commands are used depending on the scenario, and are summarized as follows: #建立私钥 OpenSSL Genrsa 2048 > Rui.key #转换格式为pfx OpenSSL pkcs12-

Server response type of HTTP contenttype encyclopedia

Server | Response ContentType property specifies the HTTP content type of the server response. If ContentType is not specified, the default is text/html. Use it in asp: ". *" = "Application/octet-stream" ". 001" = "application/x-001" "." =

ContentType type Encyclopedia of Web files

The ContentType property specifies the HTTP content type of the server response. If contenttype is not specified, the default is text/html. Use it in asp: ". *" = "Application/octet-stream"". 001" = "application/x-001""." = "application/x-301"". 32

iOS development: Using PHP to implement iOS push

iOS push messages are a very useful feature, and many applications have this capability to become the core of the data flow for real-time applications. So how do we use PHP to do the push service for iOS? The following article will give you a

How to configure the user authentication service in Tomcat for C # client invocation

Today is a good mood, to know that we do not spend so long working days griping at everything together. Now I put in the previous days in the project, encountered a small problem to make a good summary. Because our project is a Java-written server

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