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Resolves a prolonged period of unresponsive symptoms after entering the system

Symptom: Start just enter the system interface, point what all can not open, must wait for a minute or so to open.Solution: First, please upgrade anti-virus software Virus Library, comprehensive anti-virus, to eliminate the cause of the virus.

Insert the player's code in a Web page

Insert | Web page Insert the player in the pageInsert Windows Media PLAYER:ID:6BF52A52-394A-11D3-B153-00C04F79FAA6Insert Real: ----------Example--------------- The address of the playback file Song Address.asx> Specifies the speed at which

What is the difference between DDR4 and DDR3?

1.DDR4 Memory strip appearance changes obviously, the gold finger becomes the curved shape 2.DDR4 memory frequency boost, up to 4266MHz 3.DDR4 memory capacity increased significantly, up to 128GB 4.DDR4 power consumption is significantly reduced,

Win7 System C Disk Why is it getting bigger?

Win7 System C Disk Why is it getting bigger? First, the depth analysis and the perfect solution 1, dormant file Hiberfil.sys: The file in the C-packing directory for hidden system files, the hidden Hiberfil.sys file size is exactly the same as

Five strokes to solve the problem of operation delay after XP startup

Symptom: Start just enter the system interface, point what all can not open, must wait for a minute or so to open. Solution: First, please upgrade anti-virus software Virus Library, comprehensive anti-virus, to eliminate the cause of the virus.

Windows tools and terminology that desktop administrators must know

It is important for IT administrators to stick with the latest desktop tools, components, and products, but this is by no means an easy task. In addition to knowing the meaning of some terms such as appx, read-only files (prefetch folder), and BIOS

Solution to the problem of operation Delay after Win XP startup

Start just enter the system interface, the point is not open, to wait a minute or so to open. Solution: First, please upgrade anti-virus software Virus Library, comprehensive anti-virus, to eliminate the cause of the virus. What the? You don't

The media framework introduced by JMF (ii)

4.1 Player (players) The player (player) processes a media data input stream and achieves accurate playback of time. The data source (DataSource) passes the input to the player. The player passes the sound or (and) video to the appropriate

20 Very useful computer technology

1, in Notepad automatically record the opening time of the fileIn Notepad, we can record the time that you open a text file by typing in the first line of the file. LOG "(Note: must be capitalized!) ), and then wrap the start text. This will

Web page Video Player program code general code

In the client to do a program, suddenly encountered a problem, that is, product page users submit video playback files, how to submit the site in accordance with the video format of the correct playback it .... Depressed for a while, think good idea,

(Assembly source code) to detect the CPU model

_processor Detection Schemes_by Richard C. leinecker[LISTING One];;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Detect the Processor Type-by Richard C. leinecker;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

How to optimize solid state drive in Win7 system

The specific methods are as follows: One, AHCI hard drive mode can improve hard drive performance, determine your SSD is running in AHCI mode, open "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCURRENTCONTROLSETSERVICESMSAHCI". Right-click to modify Disk mode to "0",

WinXP a safer few strokes super kill skill

1. Restore damaged Win XP system files If Windows XP system files are damaged by viruses or other causes, we can recover the corrupted files from the Windows XP installation disk. How to: Search for corrupted files in Windows XP installation disk,

Shorten Windows XP startup time

Although the saying goes, "folk prescription for big disease", but the worm still always believe that everything will have fruit. The folk prescription is to cure the big disease, among them also must have the law to follow. In this column, the worm

HTML5 how to preload to quickly render a page

Pre-loading is a browser mechanism that uses browser idle time to preload/load pages/resources that the user is likely to browse next, and when a user accesses a preloaded link, the page is quickly rendered if the cache hits it. One of the ways

Tips on how to clean up the Win7 system disk

Typically, deleting a restore point reduces the space on the system disk. Restore point deletion: Actions are as follows: My Computer-> Properties-> advanced system Settings-> System Protection-> Configuration-> deletion ( can also:

All kinds of web player code encyclopedia

Web page RM files Play Online width=50 autostart= "false" controls= "PlayButton" > Autostart= "false" is in the waiting state when the page is opened, autostart= "true" to listen to the

What's Sandy bridge?

2009 (tick time), Intel processor process into the 32nm era, 2010 tock time, Intel launched the code-named Sandy Bridge processor, the processor uses 32nm process. Sandy Bridge (previously known as Gesher) is the successor of Nehalem and its process

Manage pre-read files for Windows xp/2003

In order to improve the system performance, speed up the system startup, file read speed, Windows Xp/server 2003 has added the pre-read function. The Windows\prefetch folder under the Windows Xp/server 2003 system disk is the folder where the

12 Solid State Drive optimization techniques

As we all know, solid-state hard drive optimization (hereinafter referred to as SSD) can make the use of disk more efficient. Here we will teach you how to optimize your SSD in different ways. Data that may be stored during optimization is lost, so

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