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HTML 5 form new function resolution

The wheels of time roll over, the front end of the road never stop. For this front end this is a lot of expertise, any technological innovation, we must first to learn about it, such as the web world of this beautiful flowers---HTML 5. Although HTML

2 Days to harness div+css! Lesson four (Part I)

In fact, the theory is the same, as long as you can understand and learn the content of this lesson, then the difficult navigation bar you can be very responsive, easy!!! Course Start:For the first lessons, we learned what is "content block elements

Background translucent processing under IE (filter)

Now do the site home page, navigation bar, such as the use of translucent effect, debugging when I used the Chrome browser, before having considered the compatibility of IE, but intended that the full layout of the page after the completion of a one-

CSS Tutorial: Several ways to close CSS floating elements

In accordance with the CSS specification, floating elements (floats) are moved out of the document stream without affecting the layout of the block box but only the arrangement of the inline box (usually text). Therefore, when its height exceeds the

The common function method and simple application of JS regular expression

ObjectiveThe regular expression is the focus and difficulty of the front-end learning. I am in a previous article to carry again JS the regular expression, to lead us to warm up the regular expression. This article mainly leads us to apply some

jquery Document Fragmentation DocumentFragment

What is the document fragment? Description of the reference standard, DocumentFragmentis a lightweight document object that can extract some of the document's trees or create a new document fragment, in other words, a document caching

Tips and tricks for using DOM easily

Dethe Elza (delza@livingcode.org), senior Technical architect, Blast RadiusThe Document Object Model (MODEL,DOM) is one of the most common tools used to manipulate XML and HTML data, but its potential is rarely fully tapped. By leveraging the

Canvas path strokes and fills in a drawing

1. Path, stroke and fill To date, the only figure we have drawn in this chapter is the rectangle drawn by invoking the Strokerect () method on the canvas drawing environment object. We also populate it by calling the FillRect () method. Both of

Web App Adaptive Scheme summary rem of keyword elastic layout

There are now 5 different schemes for the adaptive layout of mobile web apps. 0. Flexbox The use of CSS3 Flexbox for layout, support for rich media and complex typography is very strong, not universal compatibility is very poor, almost no project to

A study of Range object in HTML5

One: The concept of a Range object A Range object represents a contiguous area on a page that, through the Range object, allows you to get or modify any area on the page, by creating an empty Range object as follows: var range =

HTML5 cross-browser front-end form validation

Form Validation is a huge headache for the front end of a transaction, especially in the face of complex forms, such as some input boxes only accept digital input, some fields are required, and some items must meet the input rules ... In order to

Oracle tuning (Getting Started and improving)

Over the past decade, Oracle has become one of the most professional databases in the world. For IT professionals, it is important to ensure that Oracle's powerful features are used to improve the productivity of their companies. One of the most

Using IIS to erect an FTP server novice tutorial and precautions

Teach you step-by-step use of IIS to build a powerful FTP server to support multi-user landing and management. Using IIS to erect an FTP server1. Install FTP serverStep: Start--Control Panel--Add or Remove Programs--Add/Remove Windows

IIS6 set up a Web site often encounter problems please see

A lot of friends in the use of IIS6 site encountered a lot of problems, and some of these problems in the past in the IIS5 of the encounter, and some are new, did a lot of experiments, combined with the previous debugging experience, made this

Error analysis and Ajax (XMLHttpRequest)

Ajax|request|xml|xmlhttprequest| Error Even if you haven't heard it yet, Ajax has become the hottest word in web technology (as mentioned in an article on adaptive path). The key to an AJAX framework is a JavaScript object called XMLHttpRequest,

Will ajax replace desktop systems? (translation

Ajax The debate about whether Ajax will replace desktop apps is getting warm, and the two opposing camps are starting to take shape. To come straight to the point, my belief and contention in this article is that Ajax is unlikely to replace desktop

What is Prototype.js? (prototype tutorial sample)

js| Tutorials | Sample |prototype prototype.js what is it? In case you haven't used a famous prototype.js, let me tell you that Prototype.js is a JavaScript class library written by Sam Stephenson. This wonderfully conceived and standard class

Learn how to apply a CSS filter to a picture in a Web page

Sometimes, we need to add some special effects to the images in the Web page, such as transparency, distortion, shadow or flip, and so on, we usually think of using Photoshop and other graphics software to deal with, in fact, we can also use CSS

Transform in Transform

Article Introduction: today we will explore the use of Transform-style and perspective related properties in transform. Today we will discuss with you the use of the transform transform-style perspective related attributes.

Emmet: Tools to significantly improve front-end development efficiency

Article Introduction: Emmet the concept of fragment to a new level: You can set the CSS form of expressions that can be dynamically parsed, and then get the corresponding content based on the initials you enter. Emmet is very mature and very

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