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How to design a programming language (10) regular expression and domain specific language (DSL)

A few months ago, bloggers were concerned about DSL, so I thought, I created some DSL in, so I said it today. Creating a DSL I'm afraid it's the first time a lot of people have ever designed a language. The first time I did this

VC Memory Leak Check tool: Visualleakdetector

Visualleakdetector flexible Freedom is a major feature of C/s + + language, and this is a difficult problem for C + + programmers. When the program becomes more and more complex, memory management will become more complex, a little careless will

Java File Operations Encyclopedia

Establishment/inspection and deletion of documents the establishment, inspection and deletion of documents String Path=request.getrealpath ("");OUT.PRINTLN (path);File F=new file (path, "File.txt");Out.println (f);Out.println (F.exists ()); if

The method of operation of the Fool type SEO

A lot of friends engaged in the network at the beginning of the SEO interest is strong, and even feel that SEO is similar to the decision technology of hackers, SEO is always so mysterious, unfathomable ... Engaged in "website production" cause

CSS Development Framework Technology OOCSS the method of writing and managing CSS

Article Introduction: The most popular CSS development framework technology today is OOCSS, although there are other similar technologies, such as BEM. These methods attempt to apply object-oriented programming principles to CSS. Although there are

Mastering the debugging Art of CB

The less bugs the program, the higher the end-user's evaluation of the program. And the more developers are dealing with bugs in advance, the more information the end user can provide about bugs, the more accurate the developer will be able to

How MySQL against the decryption master

mysql| decryption when you connect to a MySQL server, you should usually use a password. The password is not transmitted on the connection with clear text. All other information is transmitted as text that can be read by anyone. If you're worried

The style design principle of the News class website

Editor's note: Although this article is aimed at the News class web site style design, but the article mentioned in the 12 principles, applicable to each blog and a station, to want to enlarge the site of the designer webmaster, especially practical.

Getting Started with XML (top)

Xml Understanding XML will help you understand why it is the perfect choice to build Web applicationsIf you already have your own personal website or your own company website, or if you have a good understanding of the Web, you may have

WCF Technical Insider 25:2nd Part _ 5th Chapter _ Message: Create a message (Messagefault)

Message and SOAP Fault The message type defines a number of factory methods that are used to create a SOAP fault messaging object. A SOAP fault is a form of a SOAP message that is used to represent an error message. In the SOAP specification (1.1

C # Programming specifications and conventions

Programming | specification Anyone can write code! A few months of programming experience allows you to write "Running applications." Make it easy to run, but coding in the most efficient way requires more effort!You know, most programmers are

The evolution and development of Chinese and English basic glyphs

Read a book, look at a newspaper, writing from the beginning of the emergence of its role to play its unshakable, full of each of us every day of life, but in the complex text design, to jump away from these designs, but also to see what the

Introduction to Raid

Brief introduction We've all heard of raid, and we often discuss raid as a SQL DBA, developer, or architect at work. But, in fact, many of us are not quite aware of the principles, levels of RAID, and how RAID affects SQL Server performance. This

Python-implemented file synchronization server instance

This example describes the file synchronization server implemented by Python. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: The service side uses Asyncore to save the file to local. The client uses Pyinotify to

Use PHP file function to get file information instance Tutorial

The previous PHP directory function tutorial mainly introduced the directory (folder) Read, traversal method, but the most basic file management system involved in file information, file size read to check disk usage, but also need to get file

Talking about the misunderstanding of the novice stationmaster to the false original

As search engines become more humane. The standard for a website is also getting higher. But now there are a lot of stationmaster do not know this existence. The user experience of a website has a very important impact on the ranking of the site.

5 tips to help design a successful purchase button

Whether you are a designer, network sales personnel or E-commerce site webmaster, can not ignore the "buy button" to play a role. In this article, we will follow the entrepreneurs from Poland Karol K to see what should be noted in the "Buy button"

On a 64-bit server, the representation of the PHP long integer

In PHP, the conversion of data types can be done directly using the pack. For example, the character type, short integer, integral type, long integer can be used respectively, the parameters C, s, I, N to express, of course, the converted data here

Keys to resetting firewalls

Compared with routers, switches and other network devices, hardware firewalls are no different. They also have a not long life cycle, in a few years will be replaced. But compared with other devices, the replacement of the firewall is good to do is

Jfc/swing Ingenious series of custom jlist display

Show   Click here to download the source file    IntroductionIn the graphical user interface (GUI), Java has been unable to compete with C + +, PB, Delphi and so on, the use of the early JAVA/AWT package developed by the interface is really people

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