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This is a personal blog project, although the blog does not need to do such a complex design. But the company has the demand, therefore first oneself to get a project to practise practicing. The project needs to meet the following requirements 1.

Combining Ajax and reflection refrection to implement the function body of the page without brush

ajax| Functions | page | execute In fact, there is no specific purpose to do this thing, just see this post and this blog later interested, suddenly it would like to try to do an online compiler, incidentally also research Ajax and reflection; Ajax

Ajax Practice DWR Chapter

Ajax DWR (Direct Web Remoting) is a Web remote call framework. Leveraging this framework makes it easy to develop Ajax. Using DWR, you can use JavaScript directly to invoke the Java method on the server side and return the value to JavaScript as if

[ AJAX] Introduction to methods of function objects and type classes

Ajax|| objects The last time we had a general understanding of JavaScript Microsoft AJAX Library Because of the temporary things, not to join the case is a bit abstract, this time will certainly through some cases more intuitive to

A reflection on Web standards

Web|web Standard I started learning Web standards from the beginning of last year, and I've had some experiences over the past two years. Recently job-hopping is just idle at home, write some out and communicate with you. 1 understanding of Web

Media queries and HTTP requests

Jason Grigsby published an article in which CSS media query for Mobile is fool ' Gold ' spits out media queries, to the effect that using media queries on mobile devices can cause a lot of wasted resources-- The browser requests a lot of resources

Reflection on the post-standard of post-industrial era

In the 07, I was highly recommended for Web site specifications, a lot of benefits to business, to users, to designers. We have been walking for two years, and now we have a certain effect, we also see the benefits and convenience of the norms. Look

A discussion on the combination of polymorphism and Web services

Web|web Service This article reviews the concept of polymorphism and demonstrates XML Web services. The most important thing is that this article will teach you how to combine polymorphism with Web services.    First, IntroductionYou may know

ASP upload the progress bar real-time reflection upload situation

ASP in the use of component upload, a little trouble is not know how much upload progress, although some provide upload progress bar, such as abcupload (download address: http:// has provided a way to display the current upload

. NET namespaces

System: Root space, containing some basic class librariesSystem.Collections: Primarily the class libraries associated with collection classesSystem.Collections.Generic: Class-Library space for generic collectionsSystem.Data: Data processing class

. Dynamic compilation in net

The dynamic compilation and execution of code is one. NET platform provides us with a powerful tool to flexibly expand (and, of course, internal developers) complex and unpredictable logic, and to extend our existing applications with some

Get the code for a Microsoft Word document from

Background Automation (Automation) is a process that allows applications written by a programming language such as Visual Basic.NET or C # to programmatically control other applications. Automation to Word allows you to do things like create new

Learn WP7 XNA Game Development (seven 3d basic light source)

The 3d model is applied to render the light source and can be implemented using the method under the Basiceffect class. This class can accomplish most of the complex rendering effects. Lightingenabled--Sets whether to turn on light rendering. The

Simple operation of C # Reflection technology (Reading and setting properties of classes)

To have a dynamic assignment or value to a property or field of an instance of a type, you first have to get the type of that instance, or the types, Microsoft has provided us with enough methods.first, set up a test classCopy CodeThe code is as

Asp. Problems encountered in Excel generation in net and the improvement methods

Let's take a look at the method (which omits some of the judgments and extensions): build Old Excel code Copy CodeThe code is as follows: Export a group of objects to Excel Types of objects to be exported A set of Objects exported filename delete file session missing

If you have ever modified a application (DLL file) with a modified bin folder or Web.config file (Add/remove/rename files, etc.) while the site is running, you may have noticed that this will lead to a reboot in AppDomain. All session state

Getting the array type through reflect

Array Kingfish 2005.3 Today I saw a question about how to get the array type by reflection, and try it out through the array class. Make a note. The code is as follows: Import java.lang.reflect.*; /** * @author Kingfish * * TODO java reflect 2.0 AJAX-enabled web development

Ajax||web "Guided reading" in the past few months, the design patterns of highly interactive Web applications based on AJAX technology have rapidly spread. Today, highly configurable web

Some CSS3 picture styles of the upper

Translated from: CSS3 Image Styles Chinese: CSS3 Picture Style Please respect the copyright, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you ~ ~ When directly applying CSS3 inset Box-shadow or Border-radius directly on picture elements,

CSS3 design page Case: Beautiful Web page picture design CSS Instance

Article Introduction: today I'm going to revisit this topic and show you how much can be achieved by using background-image methods. I'll show you how to use Box-shadow, Border-radius and transition to create different picture styles.

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