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XHTML Day 8th: Getting Started with CSS layout technology

Css|xhtml The most important difference between CSS layout and traditional table layout is: The original positioning is to use a table, through the spacing of the table or with a colorless and transparent GIF picture to control the space between the

A summary of some notable places in CSS programming

CSS is a cascading style sheet, so a layer of overlay is actually its essential feature. The real problem is maintenance, many people think that CSS is only style, not code, no maintenance, so arbitrary writing, as long as the style of their own

Target keyword system optimization effectively enhance the site weight and ranking

Target keyword is defined by the keyword analysis of the site "main" keyword, popular refers to the site products and services targeted customers may be used to search for keywords. In order to do a good job of the target keyword system optimization,

How memory speed is defined

Video memory speed is the memory clock pulse of the repetition cycle speed, is as a measure of video memory rate of the important indicators. The faster the memory speed, the larger the amount of data exchanged in units of time, in the same case the

Site SEO cases of the actual combat analysis

I personally in September 2010 contact SEO, the same time combined with SEO created a forum, just one months to achieve profitability, and later because software development failed to achieve forced closure. October into the network company to do

Effective resolution page Repeat collection three methods

For a page in search cited repeatedly included several times do not know is good or bad, and according to the author, such a situation is really not a good phenomenon. After all, this will be to their own site included too much repetition, but not

Design Theory: example display design poster full Raiders (2)

above: How to design poster I Translator's words :In the previous article, we introduced some of the basics of poster design, and covered the principles of how to make posters appear coordinated, including Object Association, color collocation,

Web Design tips: Analysis of Web page images in the form of presentation

Article Description: reflection on the form of picture presentation in Web design. A picture is one of the basic elements that make up a Web page. The picture not only can increase the attractiveness of the Web page, convey to the user

How to repeat table data?

How does the table data repeat? The data in the table is sometimes abnormal--knowing that the company does not have the same name, but there are duplicate names; it was the only ID number that appeared on the heads of two of people. Repetition

Regular expression Advanced learning techniques

Advanced | skills | regular ObjectiveRegular Expressions (regular expression, the following is called by re to the younger brother has always been a god-dense zone, see some of the network on the big, simple with re on the decision to solve some of

Improve the quality of advertising and effect process three: how to strengthen memory

The article introduced how to use the unconscious attention and intentional attention in the cognitive system of shallow processing to improve the quality and effectiveness of advertising. Next, we enter the third stage, phase three, including

How to solve the duplication problem of uniqid in PHP under high concurrency

The problem with generating token checksums is useful in recent projects. First consider using the Uniqid () function in PHP to generate random strings, but because the function seems to be based on the microsecond time level. In the case of high

Gao Wenliang: Website optimization really must be original?

We all know that the SEO industry has a sentence called "Content for the king, chain for the Emperor", that is, the content and the chain is the most important site optimization of two large chunks, if you are a SEO workers, or you go to ask a SEO

Learning Asp:sql Common Skills

sql| Technique I. How to delete a column in a table that repeats, for example Table [table1] Id Name 1 Aa 2 Bb 3 Cc 1 Aa 2 Bb 3 Cc

Java UUID Generation tool concurrency test

I. Understanding of UUID Uuid Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Universal Unique identifier (universally unique Identifier, UUID) is a software construction standard, also for the Free Software Foundation (Open Software Foundation, OSF)

Deep understanding of PHP4 (2)--revisit the past

So, you can understand the "while" loop--it executes a series of commands until a particular condition is satisfied. But now let's think about what will happen if the first repetition of the condition satisfies the condition. For example, in the

The aesthetic demand of web pages

Web page design is a new type of design and network of interdisciplinary disciplines, in recent years with the development of the network gradually received people's attention, it itself to the network as a carrier, the various information in the

Tencent QQ default expression optimization behind the design story

QQ This version of the new style of expression came out, the discussion about it has not stopped. Today, let Tencent's Master of the LAN to the students to uncover, for what reason to do optimization, in the optimization of what to consider.

The content of the website contains four steps: How to "raise" the Spider at home

High-quality web sites, usually have a performance: content included in time, to protect the original content in a timely manner indexed to the search engine, on the other hand in the Instant messaging Internet, but also for the site to bring an

A brief discussion on the writing skills of three titles which can affect the inclusion

   The title is like the spine of a book in a library, about whether the reader will pick up a book or click on the article. It will deeply affect the flow of content, a creative new title can often give your content to bring a large

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