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Better coding with Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft launched Visual Studio for the first time 13 years ago, its long running flagship integrated development environment. The first edition of 1997 began consolidating version 5 of visual Basic and Visual C + + into a common IDE. Its

Building a Web API to display objects

Brief introduction The Web API is a fast-growing business channel that can help your business enter new markets and attract new customers and partners. They can also help you explore innovation from a large developer community, not just the

Learn to use Data Services (

The Data Services Framework is a new extension of the. NET Framework 3.5 SP1, a feature and concept in the previous. NET 1.0-. NET3.5 technology is not a new concept, its main purpose is to be able to easily expose the database services on

Introduction to the new API in IBM SmartCloud Enterprise V2.2

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise V2.2 describes some of the new features that users can use through the graphical user interface (GUI) and application programming interfaces (APIs) of the solution portal. In this article, we focus on the use of the API,

Use the WebSphere Business events rest interface to emit simple business events from your application

Brief introduction Understanding business processes, more agility, and near-real-time monitoring of management and compliance are growing business line requirements. Event-based Solutions support business and IT management enterprise risk by

Simple understanding of Web service three ways to implement

Web Service Concept: According to the definition of the Consortium, Web Services (Web service) should be a software system that supports the interactive operation of different machines across the network. Network services are usually made up of Web API (i) Use preliminary, get and post data

Overview The rest API generated by rest (representational state transfer) has been discussed more and more, and Microsoft has added functionality to the Web API in We look at Dudu's article httpclient + Web API, another

2.0: Exposing and using data in the Web services domain

This article is based on the pre-release version of 3.5 and the Microsoft AJAX library. All the information in this article may be changed. This article describes the following: The meaning of data services Exposing and using data Using

How to add a custom REST Web Service to IBM SmartCloud Entry

Environmental preparedness A running SmartCloud Entry system Eclipse 3.6 or later Discover how IBM smartcloud Entry to implement REST Web Service Before you start Instead of building its own REST Web Service from Brick, IBM SmartCloud Entry a

Understanding the true Rest architecture style

This is the second in the depth of the Deep Exploration Rest column series that will take you through the origins of the rest architecture, the web, the nature and characteristics of the rest architecture, and the comparison of rest architectures

Simplifying rest application development with JAX-RS

REST Introduction REST is an abbreviation of the English representational state Transfer, which has a Chinese translation for "representational status transfer". The term REST is proposed by Roy Fielding in his doctoral thesis, Architectural Styles

Developing End-to-end Ajax applications, part 1th: Setting up an AJAX environment with a scenario

Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript + XML) is rapidly becoming a trendy technology that can provide desktop-quality software features for WEB applications running in browsers. Open source software (e.g., linux-apache-mysql-php, LAMP) and Java™2 Platform

Building a restful web Service

1. What is rest? REST was a term put forward by Roy Fielding in his paper the architectural Styles and the design of network-based Software architectures. REST is an abbreviation of the English representational state Transfer, which has Chinese

A brief talk on Get and post in HTTP protocol

Http HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), first say a few words, hypertext is hypertext (in addition to HTML, can also be hyperlinked XML or JSON), Protocol is protocol, transfer translation should be transferred (can also be translated into

Developing IBM Lotus Domino WEB 2.0 Client

Introduction: Create a Web 2.0-style thin Web client for Lotus Domino using HTML and JavaScript. Based on previous articles about the IBM Lotus Domino XML (DXL) framework, this article gives you an introduction to using Ajax to extend Notes/domino

Using Sqlrest to convert a database to a RESTful Web service

With the development of Web 2.0, rest (representational state Transfer)-style web Service has been widely used and various rest frameworks have sprung up. When we are engaged in the practice of Web 2.0, it is increasingly felt that the server-side

Developing End-to-end Ajax Applications, part 3rd: Integrating, testing, and debugging applications

In the first two parts of this series, you set up a development environment that consists of the LAMP-style runtime and the Eclipse IDE. Defines a fictional banking scenario to demonstrate important Ajax concepts. It then completes part of the

Development of Web Service applications based on was CE and AXIS2

Introduction In recent years, with the rapid development of Web service technology, applications based on Web service development have been used more and more widely. The good encapsulation of WEB service and cross-platform capabilities provide a

Building Rich Internet applications with Grails, part 1th: Building Web Applications with Grails and Flex

Introduction: Rich Internet applications (Rich Internet Applications,ria) ensure the dynamic and functional nature of desktop applications through browsers. One of the main features of RIA is to move the presentation layer to the client and support

Data points: watching cloud services from Silverlight 2

This column is based on the pre-release version of Silverlight 2. All the information in this article may be changed. Developers who use Silverlight often give a sense of unreality, but can they be blamed? Getting data from a variety of Web

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