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Chapter II-delphi Object-oriented Programming (II.) (1)

2.1.4 Jump Statement The jump statement of Object Pascal has the IF and case two. If statement The IF statement evaluates an expression and determines the program flow based on the result of the calculation. In the previous routine, the ba

Sybase database: Log is too large to start

Q: There is a question about Sybase: I open the database always remind: Cannot open transaction log file-----cannot use log file "Hms2000.log" since it is shorter than experted. I directly deleted the log, also can not start normally, said the file c

Mechanic F117 How to upgrade memory hard disk?

mechanic F117 How to upgrade the memory hard drive, teach you how to easily remove the machine, easy to increase memory and hard disk, better meet the needs of office and games.

Replicating a database using Rman

Data | database -------------------------------------------- Experimental environment: WINDOWS + Oracle Original database: ning[archive mode] Copy database: Test Author:ningoo 2005-3-27 -----------------------------------------

Introduction to multicast programming under Linux

Here's how to start our multicast programming: First, the concept of multicast Multicast, also known as "multicast", the network of the same business type of host logically grouped, the data sent an

Baidu search Results Interface revision left reserved blank bit

According to the @ Li Xuming, Baidu Search Results Interface revision, left a big blank. At first I thought it was the problem of the screen, because there is no problem in the 19-inch screen, 23-inch is there, I have been here for a long time. Every

XML Getting Started FAQ (3)

How do I load documents with foreign and special characters? Documents can contain foreign characters, such as: Foreign characters (úóí?) For example  TRIDACNA foreign characters must precede the escape sequence. Foreign characters can be UTF-8 e

A universal class for easy Ajax development

Ajax Name:ajaxrequestAuthor:hotheart (Xujiwei)site: (c) 2006, all Rights ReservedClass Name: AjaxrequestVersion: 0.3Date: 2006-12-18Introduction: Ajaxrequest is a convenient AJAX developm

Microsoft Script encoder (4)---encoding example

Coding | scripting | Sample Encoding Example The following is a short example that contains JScript code that needs to be protected: <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> Script Encoder Sample page </TITLE> <script language= "JScript" >

Interpreting conditional judgment statements in Ruby

This article mainly introduces the detailed interpretation of Ruby in terms of conditional judgment statements, if, else and other logical judgments are the basis of the programming language, the need

How Oracle RAC Environments Adjust system time

Tuning system time is not a trivial thing for a RAC environment, and Oracle is likely to reboot one of the nodes to ensure consistency between nodes. The test found that if the system time is adjuste

SQL reserved word Encyclopedia

Action Add aggregate All Alter after and AS ASC AVG Avg_row_length Auto_increment Between bigint bit binary BLOB bool both by Cascade Case Char Character Change Check checksum column Columns Comment Constraint create Cross Current_date Current_time C

Recommendations for automatic recovery of Oracle data recover Advisor

Starting with the Oracle 11GR1 release, Oracle provides a recommended solution for database data file fixes to better enable users to choose a recovery approach This becomes more and more intelligent, and we just need to follow the Fix Advice wizard

How to check personal credit records in the central Bank of China?

User Registration ☆ First step: Read the "User Service agreement", fill in the name, select the type of document, fill in the certificate number, select the authentication method ⑴ click on "User Re

Research on dynamic SGA characteristics of oracle9i

Oracle| News The Oracle9i database has been greatly enhanced in its internal features, and one of the most exciting Oracle DBAs is the dynamic setting of all Oracle SGA control parameters. Unlike 8i, which originally put initialization parameters in

Frameset (dividing frame window) Common attribute finishing

The Frame is a Web page divided into several box windows (different Windows correspond to different pages in the form of several pages), while obtaining multiple addresses of SRC. Page all frame tags

Chat Server with Client implemented in C #

Client|server Chat server with Client implemented in C # Submitted by Date of submission Nanu 01/19/2000 KB The Main Heart of the program is taken from the sample program of Gopalan Suresh Raj modified as per requiremen

A tutorial on how to quickly pull a PowerPoint diagram

[1] Take the picture in the slide below as an example, I want to pull out the black frame part of the picture, but keep the silhouette of the black body in the moon. First, click the mouse to select t

The main point of Oracle Performance tuning is the SGA

One, Shared pool tunning The optimization of shared pool should be prioritized because a cache miss occurs more costly in shared pool than in data buffer because dictionary data is generally more exp

A preliminary discussion on character set problem (v)

Problem Original link: Http:// The original published in the Itpub Technology series "Oracle Database DBA topic Technology Pristine", without permission, is prohibited reproduced this article. We kno

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