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How to see if Oracle is 32-bit or 64-bit

Method One: Use Sqlplus 64-bit: [Oracle@qs-wg-db2 ~]$ Sqlplus/as sysdba; Sql*plus:release Sun Sep 25 08:57:22 2011 Copyright (c) 1982, Oracle. All Rights Reserved. Connected to: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise

How to speed up your XP

If you feel that your XP system is too slow, you may think of downloading Windows XP and then reloading it. But it doesn't have to be such a hassle. By optimizing the registry and driving, you can also speed up your XP system and bid farewell to

Oracle Diagnostics Case-spfile case A

Oracle Oracle Diagnostics Case-spfile case A Link Http:// Description of the situation: System: SUN SOLARIS8 Database version: 9203 Problem Description: The engineer reports that the database does not start properly

What if the computer reacts very slowly?

1, consider the situation of the virus: Restart the computer F8 key option Safe Mode to enter Safe mode-to open your anti-virus software overall anti-virus-so that the more clean kill antivirus; 2, consider the hardware problem: Turn on my

C # calls functions in an unmanaged dynamic library

How C # calls a function in an unmanaged dynamic library, such as a dynamic library written with VC6, the process of C # calling a dynamic library is much faster than a Java call DLL dynamic Library, as illustrated in the following example. 1.

Informix Train Document detailed explanation

I. Disk data organization structure The top-level of the Informix-online disk data organization structure is the logical conceptual database space Dbspace, each database space has one or several physical unit data storage block chunk composition,

How to view memory reserved for hardware to improve hardware performance

Memory reserved for hardware Perhaps many people do not know how to view, but also how to release save too much memory resources, small series This article details how to view memory reserved for the Win7 64-bit flagship hardware, including how to

Replicating a database using Rman

Data | database -------------------------------------------- Experimental environment: WINDOWS + Oracle Original database: ning[archive mode] Copy database: Test Author:ningoo 2005-3-27 -----------------------------------------

Icon file format Monochrome icon detailed description

Icon file format has a variety of common, there are PNG, ICL, IP, and is the next small series to introduce the ICO format icon, ICO format icon A monochrome icon, widely in the Windows system in the DLL, EXE file. The icon file has a

Baidu search Results Interface revision left reserved blank bit

According to the @ Li Xuming, Baidu Search Results Interface revision, left a big blank. At first I thought it was the problem of the screen, because there is no problem in the 19-inch screen, 23-inch is there, I have been here for a long time.

Establishing multiple PRI dos partitions in C language

First, the introduction In the DOS system, in computer application training due to different training requirements, the requirements of the software are different, due to the wrong operation of students, stored on the hard disk of software and

A universal class for easy Ajax development

Ajax Name:ajaxrequestAuthor:hotheart (Xujiwei)site: (c) 2006, all Rights ReservedClass Name: AjaxrequestVersion: 0.3Date: 2006-12-18Introduction: Ajaxrequest is a convenient AJAX

The jade of his mountain can attack the stone SEO the outside chain analysis of the cattle station

A period of time before Baidu's continuous adjustment so many adsense outside the chain big drop, a moment of resentment sound. But the opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared, when everyone complains, it is necessary to calm down and

Excel table up, middle, down whole function

In Excel tables, the number of digits is processed, and the number of digits you specify is often rounded as needed. Numeric rounding can be done with the following functions: Rounding =round (a1,0) Truncate decimal rounding =rounddown (a1,0)

How Oracle uses standby to upgrade a single-instance database to a RAC Environment (ii) establishment of a standby database

With Oracle's standby technology, a single-instance database can be upgraded to a RAC database. This approach can effectively reduce the downtime for single instance migration to the RAC environment. This article describes the establishment of the

SQL reserved word Encyclopedia

Action Add aggregate All Alter after and AS ASC AVG Avg_row_length Auto_increment Between bigint bit binary BLOB bool both by Cascade Case Char Character Change Check checksum column Columns Comment Constraint create Cross Current_date Current_time

Oracle Tutorial: Starting services and listening commands under Linux

Under the Linux operating system, how do I start a service and listen command? You must first log on as an Oracle User: 1, start the database: The following are the referenced contents:Oracle@suse92:~> Sqlplus/nologSql*plus:release 9.2.

Flash MX 2004 New features example learning two

instance three, customizing context Menu I. Characteristics involved This example reflects a significant programmatic improvement in Flash MX 2004. This includes the application of as file, the _global of the system, the invocation of the

Time synchronization in Oracle causes Ogg deployment exception

First, error checking [Oracle@srtcreen ~]$ Ggsci Oracle Goldengate Command Interpreter for Oracle Version oggcore_11. Linux, x64, 64bit (optimized), Oracle 10g on June 29 2011 19:43:29 Copyright (C) 1995,

I wrote a imagebuffer to BMP flow code snippet, I hope to be useful to everyone.

try { BufferedImage bi = null; if (Isurl = = True) { BI = (new URL (Infilename)); } else { BI = (new File (Infilename)); } int[] Rgbarray = new int[101 * 29];//The pixel value of the image file I tested is 101 wide and 29

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