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A method of setting up Network Load balancing by boundary router

"How the border routers implement Network Load Balancing," we need to understand several relevant knowledge points about NAT, border routers, and Network Load Balancing. The primary purpose of network address translation (NAT) is to resolve IP

The perfect way to resolve IP address conflicts

The method used is to assign IP to the user by DHCP, and then limit the way that these users can only use dynamic IP, if it is changed to static IP mode can not connect to the network; that is, the DHCP snooping function is used. Example: Version 1

How to resolve IP address conflict failure in LAN

In the Windows operating system environment, ordinary workstation users can often modify the local workstation's IP address parameters according to their wishes, as a result, the LAN network is prone to frequent IP address conflict, this phenomenon

Resolve IP address conflict interference LAN

In the process of managing and maintaining the LAN, network administrators often assume the assignment of the IP address of the ordinary workstation, and the normal workstation can be considered as a legitimate workstation only by registering

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