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Send email with socket

PHP home space, the ability to provide mail functionality is really not much, always call the mail () function after the no context. But e-mail plays an increasingly important role in online life. Think of the net worm online not to receive mail can

The security analysis of Ajax in Web development

  What about the security of Ajax in Web development ? Now browsers allow users to improve their security levels, turn off JavaScript technology, and disable any options in the browser. In this case, the code will not work anyway. The problem must

Delphi add options to the form's system menu

Typically in an application, if you click the icon to the left of the title bar, a form's system menu pops up, where you can minimize, maximize, and close the operation. This example shows how to add your own options to the form's system menu. Add

Realization of Image Magnifier with Delphi

In some commonly used look at the picture software with a can enlarge the local image function, this example is to imitate this function development. Add two timage components to the form, where the Name property of one Timage component is set to

Java Implementation Web version RSS reader (d) Customizing your own RSS parsing library myrsslib4j

In the last blog post "web version RSS reader (iii)--parsing online RSS subscriptions," has been mentioned in the problem, here in detail. When parsing a subscription in an RSS format, the main problem encountered is that the "Server returned HTTP

JSP Pre-compile tool

js| compilation A program that can be used for JSP precompiled work. The following are and Java source programs. Author:ugorji Dick-nwoke Date:jan 16. 2002 --------------------------------------------------- Post

19th Chapter-delphi Custom Parts Development (II.) (3)

These three expressions use Registerpropertyeditor three different uses: The first of the most typical It registers the property editor Tcomponentproperty for all tcomponent type properties. Typically, when you register a property editor for a

Send email with socket in PHP (ii)

Implementation of Send_mail Class Now I'm going to start by introducing the Send mail Class I wrote. With the above preparatory knowledge, the following is achieved. class's member variable var $lastmessage; Record the last response information

Analysis of three kinds of menu examples of Android

The examples in this article describe the three kinds of menus for Android. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: The Android menu is divided into three types: Option menu, context menu, submenu (Sub menu) A.

How PHP uses Curl to determine whether a remote file exists

PHP uses curl to determine whether a remote file exists, see the following code: Determining Remote Files function Check_remote_file_exists ($url) { $curl = Curl_init ($url); Do not retrieve data curl_setopt ($curl, Curlopt_nobody, true);

Using Curl in PHP

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: $ch = Curl_init (); $c _url = ' '; $c _url_data = "product_&type=". $type. ""; curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_url, $c _url); curl_setopt ($ch, Curlopt_post, 1); curl_setopt ($ch,

HTTP status Code 2XX, 3XX, 4XX, 5XX analysis

Returns an HTTP status code that is the state of the server displayed on your Web site in response to a request, for example: • When a user accesses a Web page in a browser. • When search engine spiders crawl the page. The HTTP status code is

Error handling mechanism of Ajax

Ajax| Error | Error handling The core of the AJAX framework component is the XMLHttpRequest JavaScript object, which allows the client developer to send and receive XML documents over HTTP without disrupting user action and without exploiting hidden

Java Me application Design Guide Network redirection

The HTTP 1.1 protocol allows a Web server to temporarily change the location of a resource, which means that the resource you are accessing is at another address. The response code returned by the server is 302, and the new address is stored in the

Discussion on the error handling mechanism of AJAX (2)

Ajax| Error | Error handling Practical Example: Passing client errors to the serverNow that we know some of the basics of XMLHttpRequest and JavaScript error handling, let's look at an implementation example that uses both. You may think that

C # Implementation of a simple web browser

Add the appropriate event response code for the corresponding control, complete with the following code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.Text;

Using JavaScript to trigger server-side control events

When a server control has two things in one of the following ways: 1. Server-Side Click events 2. Execute AJAX request when the client clicks The desired effect: Execute the AJAX request first and then decide whether to execute the server

Control of Windows shutdown in CB program

After the application is completed, we need to design the packaging and distribution capabilities of the application. When you write setup, you often experience the problem that you need to restart your computer after the program is installed. So

404 error page Design also to meet the user experience

Article Description: We have previously explained the cause of the 404 error pages, and once the visitors have entered the 404 page, they probably don't know what to do next. The pages they are searching for may have been shifted, so you should help

Delphi Programming Create and delete folders

Add two TButton components to the form, one to create a new folder, the other to delete the newly created folder, and the design-complete form as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 Main interface You first add a reference to Shellapi in the

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