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Cacti Monitoring (6) Row error

Add devices that can be SNMP to, but do not appear image, just a red X, and then run /usr/local/php4/bin/php/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/cacti/poller.php The image came out, but no data show!! is poller.php not automatically executed?? Online search

Server Centralized detection cacti

I. Overview of CACTI 1. Cacti is a software implemented in the PHP language, its main function is to use the SNMP service to obtain the data, and then use RRDtool to store and update the data, when the user needs to view the data, use RRDtool to

Cacti+nagios Application (i) Installation and deployment of CACTI and RRDtool

Introduction to Cacti and RRDtool I. Overview Linux uses the most is MRTG performance monitoring, MRTG configuration is relatively simple, MRTG is really very good dongdong, but I think it is after all, is a very old software, the author of the

Distributed Monitoring System ganglia configuration document


Components of a ganglia Ganglia includes the following program, between them through the XML format to pass monitoring data, to achieve monitoring effect. Gmetad This program collects the data for each cluster and updates it to the RRD database.

Zabbix and RRDtool drawings create rrd files per map for each host

Now let's take a look at a rrd file article about Zabbix and RRDtool drawing to create each of each of the hosts, and hopefully this example will help you. RRDtool for the graphics show how excellent, presumably understand the people know. The

Ganglia monitoring Hadoop cluster installation deployment

First, the installation environment Ubuntu Server 12.04 Installation of Gmetad machine: Installation of Gmond machine:,,,,,,, 8,

Centos 6.3 ntop Configuration Notes

System environment: Centos6.3 x64 ntop:ntop-5.0.1 Rrdtool:rpmforge Source Libpcap:rpmforge Source NTOP is a network traffic monitoring tool with Web management interface, which is used to monitor the intranet traffic in Linux station. It can be

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