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The like wildcard character in SQL

Like Determines whether the given string matches the specified pattern. Patterns can contain regular characters and wildcard characters. During pattern matching, regular characters must exactly match the characters specified in the string. However,

Oracle's Single-line functions: Character functions

Character function 1.ASCII (x) and Chr (x) ASCII (x): Returns the ASCII code for the character X Chr (x): Returns a character with an ASCII code of X 2.concat (X,y) Used to add Y to X after, with | | function as 3.initcap (x) Converts the

Ajax Implementation Comment Submission

Ajax document.write (' data is being read, please wait for ... ')function showloading (){var Obj=document.getelementbyid ("Loadingg")if (obj.style.display!= ""){Obj.style.left= ((Document.documentelement.clientwidth-parsefloat (Obj.style.width))/2)

A Chinese part of speech written in PHP

Chinese A Chinese part of speech written in PHP Class Segmentation {var $options = array (' lowercase ' => TRUE,' Segment_english ' => FALSE);var $dict _name = ' Unknown ';var $dict _words = Array ();function Setlowercase ($value) {if ($value)

JavaScript deletes the last character of a string

The requirement is a string that wants to delete the last character of the string, such as "1,2,3,4,5," and delete the Last "," How do you implement it with JavaScript? Here are three different methodsFind a lot on the internet, summed up several

Oracle Common Fool question 1000 question (vi)

Oracle Oracle Common Fool question 1000 question (vi) Author: ccbzzp There are a lot of things that can come up to you when you're using Oracle, especially for beginners, today I simply end it, and I want to give it to everyone and hope it helps!

SQL server2000 stored procedures are encrypted, decrypted

Server| Stored Procedure | encryption | decryption /*Perform:Sp_decrypt ' The stored procedure you want to view '*/ [Separator] Use masterGoif exists (select 1 from sysobjects where xtype= ' P ' and name= ' Sp_decrypt ')drop proc Sp_decryptGoCREATE

Oracle Common Feature Collection

numeric function: Absolute value of ABS (m) m MoD (M,n) m is the remainder after the n is removed Power (M,n) m's n-th-side Round (M[,n]) m rounded to n digits after the decimal point (n defaults to 0) Trunc (M[,n]) m truncates the value of

Automatically generate next month database based on monthly database--1

Data | database /*--Original post address: http://community.csdn.net/expert/topic/3818/3818559.xml?temp=.9593317--*/ /*--Processing Requirements There is a database named Pos200502 in the SQL databases, and each month there will be a database

Learning ASP Dynamic Web Page Prerequisites: Commonly used 38 functions

Dynamic | functions | Web page 1. Function Array ()   Function: Create an array variable Format: Array (list) Parameters: List of each numeric column in an array variable, separated by a comma Example: Result: I was given an array 2. Function CInt

MySQL string processing function detailed Introduction, summary

  This article mainly introduced the MySQL string processing function detailed introduction, the summary, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under First, concise summary ASCII (char) return character ASCII code value bit_length (str)

ASP's function Details-2

function | LCase ()FUNCTION: Returns the lowercase form of a string Syntax:lcase (String) Arguments:string is any valid string expression. EXAMPLE: Strtest = "This is a test!" Response.Write LCase (Strtest) %> Result:this is a test! Left

Procedures for working with pictures and articles

Cheng written, able to perform but no collation, if you look at the example to see the WWW.HIFI-CHINA.COM in the display of the article. The pictures are randomly positioned to meet different alignment, border and drawing requirements. And with the

VB variables, constants and data types and process overview (iv)

Numeric data type Visual Basic supports several Numeric data types: Integer (integer), long, single (single-precision floating-point type), double (double-precision floating-point type), and Currency (currency type). The Numeric type occupies less

How to obtain a trace file name

Filename Original link: Http://www.eygle.com/faq/How.To.Get.Tracefile.Name.htm Trace files are generated when we use events such as sql_trace/10046 for process tracking. The trace file name consists of the following parts: _ora_.trc The

A Practical backup Pl/sql program tool

Backup | program /*ligang1000@hotmail.com*/   feature: Used to back up all Pl/sql objects owned by the current user, including Type,type body, PROCEDURE, FUNCTION, PACKAGE, PACKAGE body or JAVA SOURCE)   principle: The call to the

The commonly-in-character function of LOB fields in Oracle

Previously, the LOB fields were processed using the Dbms_lob package, and a recent document found that many of the commonly used character functions support lob fields. Create a test table: Sql> CREATE TABLE T_lob (ID number, CONTENTS CLOB);

CI Framework source Reading notes 2 all the entrance index.php

In the previous section (CI Framework source Reading note 1-environmental preparation, basic terminology, and framework process), we mentioned the basic process of the CI framework, and here again the flowchart is posted for reference: As a CI

SQL Server and Oracle common function comparisons

oracle|server|sqlserver| function Mathematical functions1. Absolute valueS:select ABS ( -1) valueO:select ABS ( -1) value from dual 2. Rounding (Large)S:select Ceiling ( -1.001) valueO:select ceil ( -1.001) value from dual 3. Rounding

Description of related functions in Oracle

  3, ROUND function ROUND (number, num_digits) rounds numbers to only num_digits decimal places. 4, Lpad, Rpad function Lpad () function: The Lpad function fills the left string with some specific characters whose syntax is as follows: Lpad

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