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Some of the best prohibited functions in php.ini (Diables

PHP has a lot of functions, some functions are not safe, so we need to ban. So which functions are dangerous. Phpinfo ()   function Description: Output PHP environment information and related modules, WEB environment and other information.  

JavaScript Create object

One, the object ECMA-262 defines an object as an unordered collection of attributes that can contain basic values, objects, or functions. So the object in JS is a set of key-value pairs. In object-oriented languages, you create any number of object

Advanced security mode for novice to make the system more secure

Whether you're a novice or a veteran on the computer, as long as you use Windows, you will always hear a word: Safe mode. Beginners tend to understand this concept often ambiguous, what is the safe mode? Is the system usually "unsafe mode"? What can

Learn! Five important uses of Windows security mode

For the safe mode of Windows operating system, friends who often use the computer are certainly not unfamiliar, safe mode is the special mode that Windows uses to repair operating system error, is a kind of the minimal system environment that does no

What exactly is the use of Safe mode

The way to enter Safe mode is to start the computer, press the F8 key (or hold down the CTRL key while you start the computer) before the system enters the Windows splash screen, and select "SafeMode" in the Startup options menu that appears. Start t

Jinshan ARP Firewall

I have previously introduced the Qihoo 360 free ARP firewall, although the interface is simple, but I used on the server these months, the feeling is OK. Today found Jinshan also out of an ARP firewall products, so also downloaded down to use a bit.

To keep people from seeing my Web page. Method Rollup for source code

Web page | source code   1, add the following code to the <body></body> between Heml<script language=javascript>function Click () {if (event.button==2) {alert (' Don't you peek! ');}} Document.onmousedown=click</SCRIPT>.......

C + + Applications executed through the Web in PHP

C++|web| Program | Executive One, INTRODUCTION    If you have any knowledge of unix/linux, you should know that most of them bring in C and C + + compilers, gcc and g++ respectively. UNIX uses these compilers in many places, such as program install

SQL Server Security Check list

server| Security Turn from: 1. Confirm that you have installed the latest patches for nt/2000 and SQL Server, needless to say everyone should have been installed, but I think it is best to remind you here. 2. Evaluate and

How to check and troubleshoot network faults through DNS technology

The server is not only the backbone of enterprise network equipment, but also the main body of enterprise software and database application. In the actual operation of the server will often occur such or such a fault, software or hardware. Many failu

Do not ignore DNS settings when network combat domain controllers are built

The domain controller is the core of corporate network management, and its failure often causes the logon failure of the whole network user's computer. However, when you set up a domain controller, you often ignore the DNS settings, causing the DNS i

Personal server Set up the full Raiders (05)

Server | Personal Server | Introduction The computer can be set to choose between two or more operating systems each time it restarts. For example, you can set up your server to run Windows SQL Server Most of the time, but sometimes you run Windows N

Several solutions that the server cannot start

1, when the system starts to display the operating system list, presses F8 to appear the advanced startup option; A. Safe mode: Only basic services and drivers are loaded. Used to troubleshoot situations where additional hardware drivers or software

Pulling out the nail-hards stubborn file deletion method rollup

I. Conventional SOLUTIONS 1. Note or restart the computer, and then try to delete. 2. Go to "Safe Mode delete". 3. Use Del, deltree, and RD commands on the Pure DOS command line to remove it. 4. If there are more subdirectories or files in the folder

How to repair a system with System scan log

"Text description" 1. First boot to Safe mode (press F8 to select SafeMode when starting) ★★★★ Safe Mode is a must, otherwise everything is nonsense!!!! ★★★★ Not Safe mode to delete the dirty. 2, Running HijackThis ... 3, with HijackThis to tell

Resolution of the installation of Red Flag 3.2

Solve | The problem I downloaded from the Linuxaid 3.2 desktop version, in the Red website get the registration code. Problems were encountered during installation on several machines, most of which were normally installed, but the reboot was unsucce

Win XP SP2 Installation Setup Practical manual (1)

Because of the new activation technology added to SP2, if you use a genuine burn disk to install Windows XP, you may have problems installing SP2 that cannot be installed or cannot be activated when you install it. How to predict in advance how can y

PHP Recursive creation directory (pseudo original)

Sometimes you need to create a directory function recursively, and you need to use the DirName () function (get the directory portion of the path) and the mkdir () function (create the directory). First, popularize the grammar: DirName (PHP 4, P

CMD.exe uses too many system resource solutions

When the computer starts, it automatically loads the CMD.exe process, the user is occupied by the SYSTEM,CPU resources, and after the process is finished manually, everything is normal. 1. Turn off System Restore before antivirus (Win2000 system can

Prohibit others from entering your system safe mode do bad things

If you do not want others to enter the security mode of your system, we can disable it. The method is as follows: Open Registry Editor, Navigate to [Hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\control\safeboot], Remove the minimal and Netword two

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