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Methods of encrypting and hiding Excel files

If you don't want your Excel files to be viewed by others, then you can set it password protection, use in the save file with the method of encryption can be used to achieve protection purposes, here

[JAVA100 Example]017, file dialog box

Import; import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.filechooser.*; /** * <p>title: File filter Demo </p> * <p>description:filechooserdemo file

Photoshop Advanced Layer Tips Step by step

Advanced | Skill layer is one of the most important parts of Photoshop. In many people's eyes, a layer may not be as mysterious as a channel-after all, it is easier to create a new layer and paint it on it than to bother to operate the channel. From

C # Two functions for crawling directories and filenames based on Web addresses

function | file name C # Two functions based on the site grab directory and filename I've started to think about this in the software. Today, I finally perfected this code. Happy 2006-10-20, is it more efficient and more focused at night? haha public

PPT2010 Making Multimedia Albums

There is a new album in the PPT feature, have you ever tried it. Organize your photos into an orderly album, you can also add some travel notes, later bored out of the aftertaste of two is also a plea

Generating HTML pages with XMLHTTP

xml| Generate html| Page <% ' definition xmlhttpfunction Getxmltext (URL)Dim getxmlhttp Set Getxmlhttp=server. CreateObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") "Get", Url,false, "" "," "Getxmlhttp.send' Getxmltext=getxmlhttp.responsetextGetxmltex

The realization method and crack of Excel "project cannot be viewed"

Method One (shared-level locking) 1, the first to Excel files for general VBAProject "Project password protection." 2, open the file to protect, select: Tools---> Protection---> Protection and Common Workbook---> tracking changes to the co

Zhong Wang cad+2015 to improve the design experience of automotive interiors

The software releases a new version of the CAD platform every year, and this year's 2015 edition brings us new experiences and feelings. All-hing Industrial research and development is engaged in automotive interior parts planning, design, developmen 2.0 Advanced Control FileUpload Control| Advanced | Control applications often need to allow users to upload files to the Web server. Although this functionality can be accomplished in 1.X, it is simpler to use the FileUpload control in 2.0. This control makes it e

Turn Firefox into Windows 8 Ribbon style

On the eve of the launch of Windows 8, a foreign user has produced a Firefox Win8 style theme, can change the Firefox interface to Windows 8 Ribbon desktop style. If you are a Firefox user and intend

The minor problems and improvement of the program in the book "Windows Application Advanced Programming-c# programming article"

Window| Programming | program | advanced | Question Tsinghua University Press, "Windows applications Advanced Programming-c# Programming", 1th edition of January 2003, Benny Johansen & Matthew Reynolds, etc, Zhangjie translation, In the eighth ch

Quick Browse Silverlight3 Beta: Using SaveFileDialog to save to local files

In Silverlight3 Beta, the Save File dialog box is provided, through which we can easily text (including pictures, etc.) information Save to the specified local file, which, of course, requires certain permissions, so when you enable VS2008, choose t

Run QQ directly on U disk

Under normal circumstances, we are the software installed on the computer to be able to run smoothly, if we want to install the software on the U disk to let it run, this idea is feasible? For example

Use Jmail.message to send mail

This section of code involves most common methods of JMail v4.3. Includes basic message information, authentication, attachments, and so on. You can use it without a lot of modifications, or you can change it to a function or procedure. <% Dim JM

WPS Text Tutorial: Quickly extract pictures in a document

Friend, when you-- See other people's articles in the beautiful picture, want to collect it ... Want to publish their own pictures and illustrations to the Forum or blog ... You need to extract the

Google's go locale installation

First Open Install Go page: Follow the wizard step-by-step to install. My environment: Ubuntu9.10,acer Aspire4710 32-bit machine The following "#" indicates the text, and the rest is the command or file operation

Windows8.1 Dial 651 Wrong solution tutorial

Believe that many Windows8.1 users use the local broadband connection, will be the first dial 651 error, and then dial again successfully, the system bug finally get Microsoft's response, the recent w

How to make dynamic Web pages in Flash?

SWF animation files in the image, sound, text, and animation are cured in which, so the new problem arises, is how to implement Dynamic Data display in the SWF file? available in Flash with the FS com

The optimization method of compiling counter with ASP

Counter | Optimization Many of the sites have registers, used to record the number of visits to the site, which gives webmasters instant understanding of the operation of the site and access to provide a lot of convenience. The author has studied man

FRONTPAGE2003 Construction Station All Raiders 1

Frontpage| Raiders in the vast Internet to build their homes, this is our demand, whether individuals, or organizations. Before we create a Web site, we build a directory of all the files on our hard disk in advance.    Template Building Station

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