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Java Theory and Practice: Good Housekeeping practices

Garbage collection is almost every developer's favorite Java platform feature that simplifies development and eliminates all kinds of potential code errors. But while garbage collection can generally leave you with no resources to manage, you

Multithreaded Programming (12)

There have been two multi-threaded methods of synchronization before: CriticalSection (critical area) and mutex (mutex), these two synchronization methods are similar, but the scope is different; The CriticalSection (critical area) is similar to a

Linux Network Programming System V Semaphore (iii)

Realization of advanced first out shared memory segment based on producer-consumer model Producer consumer issues: This problem describes the two processes that share fixed-size buffers-so-called "producers" and "consumers"-that can occur when they

Installation of oracle817 under SOLAIRS8

Oracle First, the preparation before installation 1, the task performed by root (log in with root user) 1.1 Setting System Variables 1 using a text editor to open the "/etc/system" file # Vi/etc/system 2 Insert the following lines at the end of

Informix Online for Linux installation method

1. Create Informix user group and Informix user Home=/usr/informix 2. Add the password to Informix 3, the deployment of Informix installation files: rpm-i******************.rpm (a total of three) 4, modify the root profile, increase Informixdir=/

No line by Unable to login settings ( can not open) solution

We are in the process of surfing the Internet, sometimes encountered can not open, unable to log on to the wireless router's web Management page, the parameters of wireless Internet access settings. Facing this kind of malfunction

Communication learning between Linux processes: how to use semaphores

This article will describe the mechanism of communication between processes-semaphores. Please do not confuse it with the signal previously mentioned, signal and signal volume are two different things. For more information about the signal, you can

Linux interprocess communication (i) Overview of interprocess communication and its categories

Why is there interprocess communication? We should all know that the process is a program execution, is the system resource allocation of the smallest unit. The process described here generally refers to the process running in the user state, and

Implementing interprocess Communication in PHP

Implementing interprocess communication in Process PHP Chu Wenyu This article discusses how to use the interprocess communication mechanism--IPC (inter-process-communication) in a PHP4 environment. The software environment discussed in this

Talking about the thinking mode of multithreading

Some time ago carefully read some of the information on multithreading, the project used to thread the place is also a lot of, but, when read a Jeffrey of the article on the lock, found himself although the use of multiple threads, but the lack of

Linux under C Programming: Sigprocmask blocking process

1, sometimes do not want to receive the signal immediately stop the current execution, to deal with the signal, but also do not want to ignore the signal, but delay a period of time to call the signal processing function. This situation is achieved

Lock unlock of Unix operating systems: Wait for events and wake up

The basic idea of locking and unlocking is that when a process enters a critical section, it will hold a certain type of lock (Unix generally semaphore,linux is usually a semaphore and atomic weight or spinlock). When another process attempts to

Introduction to the Linux process Communication (IPC) approach

Several main modes of interprocess communication in Linux: Pipelines (pipe) and well-known pipelines (FIFO), signal (signal), Message Queuing, shared memory (shared memory), semaphores (semaphore), sockets (socket), This article makes a brief

Multithreaded Programming (14)

function CreateWaitableTimer(  lpTimerAttributes: PSecurityAttributes; {安全}  bManualReset: BOOL;  {True: 可调度多个线程; False: 只调度一个线程}  lpTimerName: PWideChar {名称} ): THandle; stdcall;   {返回句柄} function SetWaitableTimer(  hTimer: THandle;             {句柄}

POSIX threads for Linux network programming (iii)

POSIX semaphore and mutex sample producer--Consumer issues One, POSIX signal volume The concept of semaphores see here ( The System V Semaphore is also mentioned earlier, and now it says the POSIX

Oracle Common Fool question 1000 question (bis)

Oracle 46.   How do I add a carriage return in a string? Select ' Welcome to visit ' | | Chr (10) | | Www.CSDN.NET ' from dual;   47. How are the Chinese sorted?   Before Oracle9i, Chinese is sorted according to binary encoding. In oracle9i,

C # uses Semaphore to manage the asynchronous download request method

The example in this article describes how C # uses semaphore to manage asynchronous download requests. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (47) Multi-thread thread synchronization: semaphore etc.

Multi-thread thread synchronization: Semaphore, Countdownevent, Barrier, ManualResetEvent, AutoResetEvent Introduced Re-visualize the thread sync for Windows 8 Store Apps Semaphore-Signal Volume Countdownevent-thread synchronization via

Linux interprocess communication Learning: How to use shared memory

Here's another way to communicate between processes, using shared memory. One, what is shared memory As the name implies, shared memory allows two unrelated processes to access the same logical memory. Shared memory is a very efficient way to

. NET about synchronous, asynchronous and socket

Asynchronous Take the asynchronous method in socket communication as an example: public static ManualResetEvent Connectdone = new ManualResetEvent (false); public static void Connectcallback (IAsyncResult ar) { Socket sclient = (socket) ar.

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