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Installation and configuration of ISA Server 2006

Two. ISA Server 2006 Features Overview 1.ISA Server 2006 Features Introduction ISA Server 2006 is a Routing and network Firewall with high performance caching capabilities Internet firewall Deployed as a dedicated firewall, as an internal user

TPL: Horizontal scaling capability for parallel execution of tasks

The Task Parallel Library (TPL) introduced in Microsoft. NET Framework 4 enables application developers to create solutions that take advantage of the parallel processing capabilities of multi-core computers. In many cases, however, the ability to

Restore u disk mistakenly delete data to pay attention to what

U disk data accidentally deleted, how to do? Restore the software with data recovery, remind you to pay attention to the following matters before the recovery, or you will not be able to recover. First, do not format the partition again. The

The architecture of LVS cluster

LVS cluster architecture, build strong architecture in the load balance layer, the real server layer, back-end shared storage layer are complementary The architecture of LVS cluster The LVS cluster architecture, shown in Figure 9, is divided

What to look for when data is recovered

What to look for when data is recovered First, do not format the partition again. The partition type changes after the first time the user formats the partition, causing data loss, such as the FAT32 partition Gecheng NTFS partition, or the original

Forefront a way to plan and implement high availability in TMG servers

I've been doing TMG planning and implementation of high availability in the enterprise for some time. The most common use of high availability in Windows products is "cluster (Cluster)" and "Network Load Balancing (NLB)", so how do we operate in TMG

Server data loss Failure type

First, the logic layer failure 1, mistakenly deleted, wrong format, error zoning, false cloning, file decryption, virus destruction. 2, RAID array information is missing 3, RAID card damage caused data loss 4. Data loss caused by Misoperation

Detailed server roles for Exchange Server 2013

In Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, the MBS role is used only to provide mailbox databases and public folder databases. In Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, MBS also provides client access protocols, Hub Transport services, mailbox databases, and

Introduction to Linux load Balancing software LVS

A brief introduction of LVS LVS is the short name of Linux virtual server, the Linux VM, a free software project initiated by Dr. Zhangwensong, and its official site is Now that LVS is already part of the Linux standard

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