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Site was K21 after the successful recovery of the record

Since Baidu 6.28 incident, many sites by K. The younger brother website also calculates one of them, by K is a hair not to be left. younger brother also searched a lot of sites by K recovery article. In its own website as an example, summed up a few

Tips for five strokes (Maxthon) 2 Efficient Use

Maxthon2 is the current well-known IE Shell browser, with a large number of users, and the reason is that the software provides a large number of user-friendly functions. Today, I would like to share some of the daily use of the accumulated

Application of building B/s structure with pb6.0

The module structure that composes browser/server structure. As shown in the above picture, use POWERBUILDER6. 0 The various internet-based applications developed by PowerBuilder6.0 are implemented by using Distributed application technology and

The role of FTP

The primary role of FTP is to have users connect to the last remote computer (which runs the FTP server program) to see what files are on the remote computer, and then copy the files from the remote computer to the local computer, or send the files

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