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ASP Download anti-theft chain code

Anti-Theft chain | Download the first type: Finally to download the system to do a security chain measures, in the download of the page head did the following code, the relevant code is as follows: From_url = Cstr (Request.ServerVariables

2 column pagination display (with the form shown in front page, back page)

Display form: ID1 NAME | ID2 NAME 1 JULIET | 2 Palyboy 3 BABY | 4 TOM 5 LENA | 6 Jery >> first previous next last page: 1/4 6 Records/page Total record number: 25 Code: Dim rs Dim sql Msg_per_page = 4 ' defines the number of record bars per ( Gets the real IP function

The ASPX gets the real IP function as follows: Copy CodeThe code is as follows: Complete test page: Copy CodeThe code is as follows: untitled page Dim client_ip as String = Get_cli_ip

ASP instance: Instant Display current page browsing number

online.asp file Onlinetimeout=10 ' defines the time interval for online activity timeFunction Userip ()Getclientip = Request.ServerVariables ("http_x_forwarded_for") ' "," "'", "'", "" "", "" "," "" to obtain the user's virtual IP addressIf

Organize common functions and method sets for C # (. net)

Function 1, DateTime digital type System.DateTime currenttime=new System.DateTime (); 1.1 to take the current month and the day seconds; 1.2 Take as the year before last int year =currenttime.year; 1.3 Take the

28 Tips for improving ASP performance and appearance 19-28 (from Ms)

Skills | performance Tip 19: Use the browser's validation capabilities Today's browsers provide support for advanced features such as XML, DHTML, Java applets, and remote Data services. Use these features whenever possible. All of these technologies

XMLHTTP and anti-theft chain

xml| anti-theft Chain We can use XMLHTTP to read the file information, and then transfer to the client, so that we can hide the real address of the file. Thus playing a little bit to prevent the hotlinking function. In this file, we can use many

Network Examination Room (9) (turn) taddsub.asp

Network If Request.ServerVariables ("http_method") = "Get" Then ' If you request a page as a GET, set the page number to 1 Page=1 End If Set Rec=server. CreateObject ("Adodb.recordset") Rec. activeconnection= "Dsn=testsys" Rec. Source= "SELECT * common functions and method sets

Function 1, DateTime digital type System.DateTime currenttime=new System.DateTime (); 1.1 to take the current month and the day seconds; 1.2 Take as the year before last int year =currenttime.year; 1.3 Take the

ASP Write Log processing method

One, the realization method A function that writes the log, provides several parameters, the user program calls this function can implement log record. Log to the XML file, the log file is generated by date, a new log file is created every day, the

Modify NT User Password (EXT) through ASP

HTML section When a user is logged into the security area of your site, you can use the Login_user in the ServerVariables collection to understand the logged in user account, and of course remember to turn off the Allow anonymous login, and now

Statistical research on online population of ASP forum

Statistics | online | The number of online people recently made a small forum with ASP, customers asked to count the number of online, so spent a little time to write an online statistical visit member function. Many documents are also viewed in the

. NET detects the user's computer name by retrieving the client IP address

Requirements: The internal Web site a menu allows only the specified domain user access, can not use the login window, similar to the user name password such things. Solution: The user clicks the menu, obtains the IP, uses the NBTSTAT-A IP to

The function of rainbow rain is more complete counting program

This program is a bit difficult, because he is sending each picture separately, so it's not as big as a CGI-generated picture. And the pictures can be reused, so the rate is high speed. It just doesn't go without JavaScript. Program Original code: implementation without database forum is a point of access|xml| Data | Database Drafting language: Popular forum (we focus on asp,asp. NET forum) Development idea Veteran can skip this section and attend the next section. At present, there are countless different versions of online forums, in the

The file can be included in any ASP files that need to call the database head, directly to the illegal injection

Data | Database ' Call method is: function Safe (str) ' It is used to determine whether a variable passed over contains special characters and does not return true Dim s_badstr, N, I S_badstr = "' &<>?%,;:() ' ~!@#$^*{}[]|\/+-= ' CHR (CHR) (9) CHR (3

Automatic generation of PHP and. NET version of client information

I'm using a full angle, and we're changing it to half a corner.Not my originalSome of the other learning tutorials are briefly introduced Effect . NET version String sreferer=request.servervariables["Http_referer"];String Slanguage,sbrowser,ssys;if (

Code to guard against SQL injection attacks

Attacking a SQL injection attack is using a design vulnerability that runs SQL commands on the target server and other forms of attack, and the failure to validate the data entered by the user when dynamically generating SQL commands is the main

2 simple detection External submit function

function function Chkpost () Detects if the user's current server name exists on the source page The code is as follows: Function Chkpost () Dim server_v1,server_v2 Chkpost=false Server_v1=cstr (Request.ServerVariables

Some small problem collection in ASP

Problem ========== calculate the execution time of the page =========== Dim startime,endtime Startime=timer () %> Finally, add the following code at the end of the page code: Endtime=timer () Response.Write "Page Execution Time:" &formatnumber

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