sha1 hash

Learn about sha1 hash, we have the largest and most updated sha1 hash information on authentication Provider offers a number of new authentication and Authorization scenarios that will be a different approach for developers. It is gratifying that the programmes offered by are more flexible; Unfortunately, this is based on IIS. I

PHP PKI encryption Technology (OpenSSL) detailed

This article is a PHP in the PKI encryption Technology (OpenSSL) for a detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for a friend reference copy code code as follows: //PKI Encryption//Use PKI encryption to open OpenSSL extensions

C # Programming Summary (VII) Data encryption

Overview The basic process of data encryption is to deal with a certain algorithm for files or data that were originally plaintext. Make it unreadable a piece of code, usually called "ciphertext", so that it can only enter the appropriate key to

How C # implements hash values like Git

As you know from the article git Tip of the week:objects, Git calculates the hash value of the submitted content in this way: The hash algorithm uses a SHA1 Before the calculation, a "Blob content length" is added to the content, which indicates a

What is the 360sd.exe process

360sd.exe is the main program of 360 antivirus. Published by: 360 Product Name: 360 Antivirus MD5 Hash Value: AA0F3788C5DFF6E87108D0FA3E69EDC9 SHA1 Hash Value: 482aaf3dd6fd63e583480a24ed27b669f2f0723d Crc-32:d5b08f4d File Versions: 1, 1, 0, 130

Asp. NET in the form of authentication of the second Brief introductionThe second part of this article is mainly about how to use to implement our own form authentication method. In the first part, we discuss the basic concepts and principles of table authentication. Before reading the

How emule file corruption is handled

EMule (electric Mule) uses a variety of methods to ensure that files downloaded and shared on the network are not faulty. When an error occurs, or when it is called a corruption, the advanced functionality that emule has can fix the damage by simply

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