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UNIX Network programming: UDP lack of flow control (improved version)

Now we look at the impact of UDP on datagram transmission without any traffic control. First we modify the DG_CLI function to send a fixed number of datagrams and no longer read from the standard input. As follows, it writes 2000 UDP datagrams of 140

Linux system Programming signal (one) signal overview

First, in order to understand the signal, start from our most familiar with the scene: 1. User input command to start a foreground process under the shell. 2. The user presses the CTRL-C, this keyboard input produces a hardware interrupt. 3. If

Linux system programming signal (iii) signal blocking and pending

The representation of signals in the kernel The actual execution signal processing action is called the Signal recursion (Delivery), the signal from produces to the recursion between the state, is called the Signal outstanding (Pending). A process

Linux Getting Started basics (i) command line bash basic operations

Shell (shell) is the user and the bottom of the operating system (usually the kernel) interaction between the intermediary program, responsible for the user instructions, operations to the operating system at the bottom Shell is generally divided

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