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A little understanding of asynchronous programming

Originally this blog would like to explore the abnormal operation in the asynchronous, but in doing asynchronous testing, but also to asynchronous have a new understanding, you can say that their understanding of the asynchronous or some of

Writing a thread-safe JSP application

JSP default is multithreaded, this is the JSP and Asp,php,perl script language is not the same place, but also one of its advantages, but if you do not pay attention to the synchronization problem in multiple threads, will make the written JSP

Registering a starter script, an important feature of Ajax!

ajax|| Script The atlas July CTP has been used in recent projects, and since Atlas was officially renamed, the Beta and Beta2 two editions have been rolled out continuously, but I've been watching because the beta version is unstable and the

Graphical interface compiler tool Koala to compile sass files into CSS files

Article Introduction: This article mainly through the creation of a SASS project as an example, to lead you to use koala such a graphical interface compiler tool to your SASS project, sass file compiled into a CSS file. The "codekit"

JS file loading: Comparing async and Dom Script

Async and script dynamic loading both enable files to be loaded asynchronously, and this article describes their impact on page rendering and load loading.I currently use Demo.js as a file operation. Code:var now = function () {return + (new Date ())

UI thread blocking problems and solutions with jquery synchronization Ajax

The UI thread blocking problem caused by synchronous Ajax was encountered and recorded here. The reason is this, because there are several similar asynchronous request actions on the page, in line with the principle of increasing the reusability of

Using multithreading to load multiple XML files into the TreeView control

treeview|xml| Multithreading | load | Control In many cases programmers need to use multithreading to develop applications, users can operate data or other work in the foreground, in the background program is loading a large number of files, and

PHP is actively disconnected under Nginx Connection close and ignore

This two days to get a PHP call SVN synchronous Update multiple server update program, in order to avoid a commit will not be blocked card half a day to think of a way to only request the trigger, and do not need to wait for the program update to

Some knowledge points of PHP class

1. Definition of class items[$artnr += $num; } } You cannot define a class separately in multiple files, nor can you divide the class definition into multiple PHP blocks (within which the function can be divided).You cannot define a

PHP asynchronous execution method, analog multithreading

PHP itself does not have multiple threads, but it can be curved to create the same effect, such as a multiple-process approach to asynchronous invocation, limited to command mode. There is also a simpler way to use the WEB program, which is to

Demonstrating the event transmission mechanism of J2ME through an example

The main issue of this paper is the mechanism of event transmission in J2ME development. This paper mainly focuses on the analysis and research of the serial of canvas event transmission, and proves it through an example and concludes at the

Detailed JSP, PHP and Java integration of the development environment

Js This paper introduces the establishment of the development environment of the melting JSP, PHP and Java in a stove, in order to suit the needs of the most beginners, many steps are to use more convenient method, and strive to be simple and clear.

A detailed analysis of the design example of the progress bar in JSP programming

js| Programming | Design Many Web applications, enterprise applications involving long operations, such as complex database queries or heavy XML processing, although these tasks are mainly done by the database system or middleware, but the results

Simple to solve the problem of MySQL resource too large

In Linux, often the case is the use of VBB this forum system, the emergence of slow, MySQL suspended animation state, the sleep process is too much and so is like. Led to dozens of users, the system is done.In fact, this is a MySQL configuration

The myth of the blog, the True Lie

Blogs are the myths of blogging, the so-called blog success, but most of them are the kind of real lies that can cause new blogs to end up dead if you follow them. Then, many new bloggers are obsessed with these blog myths, they are not only

Hot word ranking suddenly disappear how to do? My site ranking comeback experience!

Hello everyone, I am seo surprise, I do not know you have seen me in my blog to share the "How do I make hot words one months to the home page" no? At that time my Site "Beijing seo" this keyword in Baidu ranking that is rubbing against the ground

Web Playback Technology Lyrics Sync

The Web page WMP and real both have their own special lyrics, and they are both common lyrics expression. WMP Special lyrics are expressed in the form of *. SMI file is implemented, real-specific lyrics are expressed in the form of *. The RT file is

Implementation of PHP planning tasks

Recently, because the project needs to do some processing on the remote database regularly, there is a need to do a planning task. After efforts to finally use PHP to achieve this planning task, the following share the implementation process. This

PHP design mode-Abstract Factory mode

Under what circumstances should the abstract factory pattern be used: 1, a system should not rely on the details of how a product class instance is created, assembled, and expressed, which is important for all forms of the factory model. 2, the

A Plastic Futures Trading Program Analysis Chart program (Php+java)

Program Php+java's Program ..................... Java Program: /*The following procedure is a timing tracing analysis program for the futures trading data of Yuyao Plastics cityis a preliminary analysis of the data, drawing analysis to the further

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