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Configuring SNMP Service methods on Windows servers

SNMP (Simple network Management Protocol, Easy Network Management Protocol) is used to manage communication lines. When configuring the SNMP service on a Windows server, it is cumbersome to use manual fill information. The following is done using

FREEBSD 5 using MRTG to draw the packet chart

In FreeBSD use, sometimes you may need to know your host or network card packet (Packet) of the flow, to understand network traffic and network card load, to the system management personnel for reference. Here, I write my own server configuration in

Win7 Ghost Pure version system under How to open SNMP protocol 161 port?

Win7 the method for opening SNMP protocol 161 ports under the Ghost Pure version system: The first step: click on Win7 Ghost Pure version of the system under the "Start-search", in the Search box, enter "Windows Firewall", and then enter; Step two:

A simple security configuration scheme for routing

One, the security configuration of Router access control 1, the administrator who can access the router is strictly controlled. Any maintenance needs to be documented. 2, the router is not recommended for remote access. It is recommended that you

Teach you to get rid of router off line trouble!

Router drop is probably not its own cause, before blaming routing, you need to verify that your network environment is normal. will be a computer directly through the cat or community broadband mouth, at this time if not to the Internet can not call

The establishment of wireless office network

The application of wireless networks in the home can be easily configured successfully. However, a wider range of applications is used in office, and unlike traditional wired networks, wireless networks can be a hassle-relieving route and broadband

How to set up a computer's wireless network bridging

How to set up a computer's wireless network bridging? Bridge, can make the two places interlinked. So how do two separate wireless networks connect to each other in a wireless network? This will require the wireless bridge we are introducing now.

Cisco PIX 506E Firewall

The Cisco PIX 506E Firewall is an enhanced version of the most widely used Cisco PIX 506 Firewall, providing enterprise-class security for remote offices and branches through a robust, robust security device. The Cisco PIX 506E Firewall is part of

Installation and initial configuration of HP SIM 5.2

Before installing, please do the installation preparation, including the preparation of qualified hardware/operating system/database and network. Note details see my blog: HP SIM 5.2 Installation Preparation

Five ways to identify the advantages and disadvantages of a switch

With the gradual deepening of network application, the Telecom class switch, especially the three-layer switch, has become the focus of the market contention. However, in different functions, a wide range of switch equipment, users how to remove the

Use SNMP to edit (Add/Remove/modify) ARP table

Introduced This tool displays and modifies the ip/Physical Address table (ARP table) like the Windows command-line tool Arp.exe. The tool will do two things: 1) Display ARP table 2) Add, delete, modify ARP table These two tasks are accomplished

Cisco-pix515e-r-ike Configuration Sample

The following are specific configurations: PIX version 6.3 (1)//Os I used version 6.3, this version supports IPSec VPN with NAT Interface Ethernet0 Auto Interface Ethernet1 Auto Nameif Ethernet0 outside Security0 Nameif Ethernet1 inside

Turn off Windows7 useless services to speed up the system

Understanding these system processes, you can turn off the unused services, in order to reduce the memory occupancy rate, improve the system running speed, very practical! Add: Some netizens asked, how to open these system services, altar friends

Six safety tips for two-tier switches

With the popularization and deepening of the network application, the requirement of the two-layer switch is not only limited to the data forwarding performance, service quality (QoS) and so on, the network security idea is becoming the important

Netcom How to install the router

To solve the problem of how to install the router, first have to crack the network vanguard, the following will introduce several methods of cracking. Network Vanguard Crack method in the near period of time, many local telecom ISP use a call

10 tips for quickly enhancing router security

Without a reminder of Cisco's latest security warnings, many network administrators are not aware that their routers can be a hot spot for attacks. The router operating system is as vulnerable to hackers as the network operating system. Most SMEs do

SNMP installation configuration under Linux

Take the installation configuration of Redhat as an example: Compiling and installing First we need to download NET-SNMP source code, select a version, such as the latest version of 5.7.1, the address is as follows:

CISCO PIX Firewall System Management (1)

This article describes how to configure and use the tools and features provided by the PIX firewall to monitor and configure the system and monitor network activity. It consists of the following sections: Remote system administration using

Server Centralized detection cacti

I. Overview of CACTI 1. Cacti is a software implemented in the PHP language, its main function is to use the SNMP service to obtain the data, and then use RRDtool to store and update the data, when the user needs to view the data, use RRDtool to

Security of wireless local area network

The development of wireless local area network is more and more fierce, it has high access rate, flexible network, especially in the transmission of mobile data has a unique advantage. However, with the development of WLAN application field, the

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