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OS X Mountain Lion System configuration apache+mysql+php Detailed tutorial

If you are a WEB developer, there are many times when you need to build a server test environment locally, such as the apache+mysql+php environment. In fact Mac OS X wants to build such an environment is very simple, this article we will be a

Linux under C programming: socket instance

Client: #include #include #include #include #include #define SERVER_PORT 20000//define the Defualt con Nect Port ID #define CLIENT_PORT ((20001+rand ())%65536)//define the Defualt CLIENT port as a random port #define BUFFER_SIZE 255 #

Socket for Linux network Programming (vii) a process initiates multiple joins and gethostbyname functions

One, in the simplest of the most simple back-end client/server programs, a client is a process that only initiates a connection, and a slight modification allows a client to initiate multiple connections and then send data using only one of the

Develop your own Web server by using C # (figure)

Web|web Service |web Server Summary This article discusses how to use C # to develop a simple Web server application. Although we can use any kind of support. NET programming language development, but I chose C #. The code in this article is

Slow and steady Silverlight (24)

Introduced Silverlight 2.0Socket Communication. Develop a chat room for multiple people Server side: Instantiate socket, bind, monitor, connect, receive data, send data Client: Instantiate socket, specify service-side address, connect, receive

Linux Network Programming Socket introduction

I. Introduction to the Concept Network programs are divided into server-side programs and client programs. The service side is the one that provides the service, and the client is the party requesting the service. But the reality is that some

Build your own Web server in C #

Web|web Service |web The personal collection of the server, only for archiving. Today, the disk is sorted, no place to put. Throw a blog. Do not understand, don't ask me. Study for yourself. Webserver.cs Namespace Cnnbsun.webserver { Using System;

Socket for Linux network programming (15) UNIX domain socket programming and SOCKETPAIR functions

First, UNIX Domain Socket IPC The socket API was originally designed for network communications, but later on the socket framework developed an IPC mechanism, is the UNIX Domain socket. Although network sockets can also be used for interprocess

A Foreign ping program (C #)

Program //**************************************//Name:ping. NET class!Description:ping a machine from. NET.This code is CLR compliant.By:carl Mercier//Assumes:the code is a complete console application which can easilly modifiedTo become Windows

The MDaemon icon in the lower right corner of the desktop turns red how to handle

Today, a new MD mail server Software is installed and is going to be tested locally. It was not thought that the lower right corner of the desktop turned into a red envelope icon after the installation started. Note: System 2003server,mdaemon10.1.2

Error and processing of network programming in Linux

Error number enotsock__ Socket operation on Non-socket Cause of the error: because a pair of parentheses is missing when the socket is created, the error code is as follows: if (Sockfd=socket (af_inet, sock_stream, 0) {cout return 0;}The correct

Example of a chat room in an SDK (2)

Chat room ' Nested Enum for supported states Public Enum Status Listening Connected End Enum ' Status ' Start up ' talker ' s functionality Public Sub Start () ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem (New System.Threading.WaitCallback (AddressOf

Socket options for Linux socket programming

The socket mechanism provides two socket option interfaces to control the behavior of sockets. An interface is used to set options, and another interface is used to allow us to request the status of the option. We can get and set three kinds of

Solution for socket error when using FTP

Netfile (formerly ftp++ Peer-to-peer) is a multi-threaded FTP client software, with multi-threaded features, you can even get a 300% speed upgrade, software also supports the search for anonymous FTP. What to do if you encounter a socket error

PHP and socket

Article: PHP and SocketTitle: "PHP Game Programming"Author: Matt RutledgetTranslation: Heiyeluren ◇socket Foundation◇ Create a server◇ Generate a client In this chapter you will learn about attractive and confusing sockets (Sockets). Sockets is a

UNIX Network programming: TCP Echo Server/client program

The following is an example of the simplest client/server program to learn the socket API. The function of the SERV.C program is to read the characters from the client and return directly to the back: #include #include #include #include

A summary of the series function of socket in PHP

This article lists all the functions for using socket-related services in the PHP language. Note Before using the following function, you need to make sure that your socket is open, if you do not open it, please edit your php.ini file and remove the

A Winsock component

I wrote a Winsock component of my own, very simply, send the message to the specified IP specified port, and return the answer message. Technical rough, please advise. Attached source code is as

Linux socket programming Get server time

The client sends the request to the server, and the server receives the request to do the processing and returns the processing results back to the client. The following TCP protocol is used to implement the connection between the server and the

Phpstudy with FTP server

1, user settings, FTP settings, IP restrictions, etc. are set under the menu. 2, user settings are also very simple, look at the picture can understand. 3. If you cannot connect to the FTP server, check the firewall on your server.

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