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Analysis of parsing implementation of PHP INI configuration file

So when I see this article, I just know that, there is a DBA function can be used, ah, a careful look at the DBA this function of the installtion, found that support Inifile is also from the PHP5 to begin to realize. Well, the corresponding DBA can

PHP SPL standard library data structure stack (Splstack) Introduction


This article mainly introduces the PHP SPL standard database data structure stack (splstack) Introduction, stack (stack) is a special linear table, because it can only at one end of the linear table to insert or delete elements (that is, into the

Usage of stream (stream) in PHP

 stream is one of the most overlooked function series in PHP development (SPL series, stream series, pack function, encapsulation protocol), but it is a useful and important function. The stream can be translated as "stream", and the following is

Real-time transliteration using the custom Java operators and icu4j of infosphere streams

Integrated Java transliteration module and custom Java operators for Infosphere Streams Brief introduction The primary challenge for any solution provider in a growing market area is the use of data in dialect and linguistic inconsistencies.

Introduction to type Constraints in PHP

This article mainly introduces the type constraint in PHP, PHP class methods and functions can be implemented type constraints, but the parameters can only specify classes, arrays, interfaces, callable four types, parameters can default to null,php

PHP SPL standard library data structure heap (SPLHEAP) Simple Use example


This article mainly introduced the PHP SPL standard database data structure heap (SPLHEAP) Simple Use example, this article also explained the maximum heap (splmaxheap), the minimum heap (splminheap) The correlation knowledge, needs the friend may


Spl_autoload is the default automatic load function that SPL implements, its function is relatively simple. It can receive two parameters, the first parameter is $class_name, the class name, the second parameter $file_extensions is optional, the

Single-piece mode of design mode (Singleton pattern)

Design a single piece mode Singleton pattern Singleton mode, which is included in the Creative Mode series. Creative mode indicates how and when objects are created. The Singleton pattern guarantees that a class has and only one instance, and

PHP SPL Standard library Interface (Interface) detailed

This article mainly introduced the PHP SPL standard library Interface (Interface) detailed explanation, this article explained separately coutable interface, the Outeriterator interface, the Recursiveiterator interface, the Seekableiterator

PHP Splobjectstorage Usage Examples


This article mainly introduces the use of PHP splobjectstorage example, Splobjectstorage is the SPL standard library of Data structure object container, used to store a group of objects, especially when you need to uniquely identify the object, you

How to add and remove a PHP associative array

1. Adding array elements PHP is a weak type language, which means you don't need to display an array and its size, instead, you can declare and populate the array at the same time. If you are working on a digital index array, you may want to use

SPL3.0 Data Connection Detailed

Data | Detailed SPL3.0 data connection SPL3.0 Data Support Capabilities SPL3.0 has made great improvements in data connectivity, using a variety of ways to connect to a variety of databases, giving users more choices, Supported databases are: SQL

File operations for the PHP SPL standard library

This article mainly introduces the PHP SPL standard library file operations (Splfileinfo and Splfileobject) instances, this article explains Splfileinfo used to obtain file details, Splfileobject traversal, find the specified row, Write CSV file and

Introduction to the class Splfileobject using PHP to read large files

  General Read files we use fopen or file_get_contents, the former can be read circularly, the latter can be read at once, but the contents of the file are loaded one at a single operation. If the loaded file is particularly large, such as hundreds

Managing mixed query workloads on the XPS database server

This article describes the new features in informix®extended Parallel Server™ version 8.3, which allow you to customize the environment for each user's session for better performance and more efficient use of database server resources. You can help

Sphinx cannot start a resolution

Sphinx cannot start a resolution Index or query prompt: Error:invalid token in config file line 1 Col 1.: The hint indicates that the current profile encoding is not UTF-8 (no BOM header) format, can not be resolved correctly, use the editing

SPL3.0 officially released! Support for multiple database visits OH

Access | data | Database SPL 3.0 official release, upgrade instructions After a period of modification, SPL finally rose to 3.0, to 3.0, mainly because of the addition of two types of connection: Odp.net and ODBC Odp. NET greatly enhanced SPL

Splfixedarray usages of PHP SPL standard library

This article mainly introduces the PHP SPL standard library Splfixedarray Use instance, Splfixedarray mainly handles the array related main function, it is fixed the length, is quicker than the ordinary array processing, needs the friend to be

PHP Fast read csv large file by line of package class sharing


  This article mainly introduces a PHP fast line reading CSV large file Package class, this class also applies to other large text files, need friends can refer to the following The reading of the CSV large file has been described earlier (PHP

How to invoke Python code from IBM infosphere Streams

Overview IBM Infosphere Streams is a high-performance real-time event processing middleware. Its unique advantage is its ability to obtain structured and unstructured data from a variety of data sources to perform real-time analysis. It completes

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