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Allow millions data to be imported into SQL Server Lab cases instantaneously

Presumably every DBA would like to challenge the data import time, the shorter the work efficiency, the more sufficient to prove their strength. In the actual work sometimes need to import a large amount of data into the database, and then for

SQL 2008 FILESTREAM data type

SQL Server 2008 FILESTREAM data type Directory Prepare for Work 1 Exercise: Using FILESTREAM data type 2 Preparatory work Estimated time required to complete this experiment 60 Minutes. Goal After completing this experiment, you will be able

SQL Server Synthesis Summary

Abstract programming oriented Interface-Abstract class-Parent class-Concrete class 1. Review T-SQL Establishment of-> database, table establishment and constraint (DDL) -> Build a library if (db_id (database name)) is not NULL drop database

What to pay attention to when installing Vcloud

1. In SQL 2008 Data Configuration Manager, the SQL Server network configures the--mssqlserver protocol--TCP/IP protocol to enable the active state of the address and native IP address, otherwise the database connection is not present when

HierarchyID type application in SQL Server 2008

An important new feature of SQL Server 2008. The main problem to solve is the table with hierarchical relationships. For example, we use the most organization chart in our daily life. We typically save employee data with a Employees table, and each

Managing unstructured data through SQL 2008

Managing unstructured data through SQL Server 2008 SQL Server Technical Documentation Author: Graeme Malcolm (Content Supervisor) Technical Auditor: Shan Sinha Project Editor: Joanne Hodgins Release Date: August 2007 Applicable products: SQL

SQL Server 2008 Remote link when SQL database is unsuccessful

Remote connection SQL Server 2008, server-side and client configuration Key settings: The first step (SQL2005, SQL2008): Start--> program-->microsoft SQL Server 2008 (or the)--> Configuration Tool-->sql Server Configuration Manager-->sql Server

MDaemon mail server combined with SQL database

Operating Environment Description: MDaemon12.0.1 mail server installed in This computer (XP system, hardware environment to meet the MDaemon minimum configuration can); SQL 2008 is installed on the server on the LAN

SQL 2008 prevents the issue of saving changes that require a table to be recreated

The solution to the error of SQL Server 2008 "to prevent saving requests for recreating a table" is the one we are going to introduce in this article: when we have finished building the table with SQL Server 2008, when we insert or modify any column,

Decrypting the SQL Server database system compilation

Do you know how a large enterprise database server product of SQL Server is created? Here are some related data: The size of each build is around 300GB. Each complete build requires dozens of high-end servers to run for 2.5 days. Each complete

Cleaning up SQL Server 2008 log files

SQL 2008 log Files account for 23G of hard disk space, and the transaction log has been truncated (Truncate), the actual log content is small, 1G is not, want to release the extra space occupied by the log files. However, no matter how you shrink

Deployment and configuration of Forefront Client security

Microsoft Forefront Client Security provides easy management and control of unified malware protection for business desktop computers, laptops, and server operating systems. Forefront Client Security employs the same highly successful Microsoft

Learning LINQ Tools: LINQPad

LINQPad supports all functions of C # 3.0 and Framework 3.5: LINQ to SQL LINQ to Objects LINQ to XML LINQPad is also a good learning LINQ tool, containing 200 examples from the book "C # 3.0 In a nutshell," which can use LINQPad to feel the cool

How to modify the SQL Server 2008 database server name

Install SQL Server 2008 in one virtual machine, then copy the virtual machine file one out, then revert to another virtual machine, so that you can use 2 virtual machines for replication experiments. To do database replication experiments on SQL

Security issues with alias users for SQL Server

SQL Server has a lot of handy little features, but sometimes these features can turn you into trouble. One such issue is the use of alias users. This tip teaches you how to find a security vulnerability when you create an alias user in a database,

Solution for SQL 2008 "database backup in Backup set is different from existing XX database"

Because it is a backup of a database of the same name on another computer, restore with the normal method, the hint is not the same database, do not let restore, find the following method on the net to solve: One, right click System Database master,

Commenting on the recovery backup mode for SQL Server 2008

Brief introduction This article explores the choice of the recovery model used by SQL Server 2008 and the various methods that can be used to back up a database, such as differential backups and things log backups. In addition, transaction log

ApexSQL log-sql Operation Recovery Tool (support sql2008,sql2012)

Today accidentally performed a wrong operation on the database, thinking that there is no tool to restore this error operation? The log Explorer 4.2 was found, but it only supported SQL 2005, was not available on SQL 2008, and then found the ApexSQL

Analysis of the change Data capture function of SQL 2008

One of the tasks in common enterprise data Platform management is the constant obsession with SQL Server DBAs, which is monitoring data updates. Many data applications need to capture updates to the business data table. I have seen several solutions:

Upgrade and Deployment methods and FAQs for SQL Server 2008

Upgrade and deployment methods and frequently asked Questions for SQL Server 2008: Q: Now that my company is using this version of SQL 2005, what's the best way to get SQL from 05 to the PDS (Data protection System) of SQL 08? Then after upgrading

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