sql injection protection

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Php-nuke exists bypass SQL injection protection and multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities

Affected Systems: Php-nuke Php-nuke Describe: Php-nuke is a popular web site creation and management tool that can use a lot of database software as a backend, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, mSQL, InterBase, Sybase, and so on. There are multiple

An Hui Network Shield error code how to solve

1. Error code 606 Your IP address has been blacklisted Error code 606 Your IP address has been blacklisted Are you sure you didn't do anything wrong? For Mao your IP in the blacklist? Come on, get out of confess! 2. Error code 605

Website Security dog v2.4 release upgrade optimize multiple features

Site Security dog Since its launch last year, by the vast number of users welcome friends. From the beginning to the present, the site security dog upgrade frequently, enrich and improve the functions, and constantly upgrade to meet the needs of

Quick deployment of secure dogs to resolve CC attacks

The security software installed on the computer has no problem with the usual SQL injection, until it encounters a CC attack. The author of this article will teach you how to quickly deploy a secure dog to resolve a cc attack. On hand there are

SQLSERVER2000 some built-in stored procedure usage and instructions

server|sqlserver| Stored Procedures Objective The safety of computer systems has always been a priority for you and me, but maybe you've been fixing files for the system, anti-virus software, setting up firewalls, delineating demilitarized zones,

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