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System converted from Oracle version to SQL Server version

Oracle|server|sqlserver WATERXP from Oracle version to SQL Server version 1, System arrangement For both Oracle and SQL Server versions to be very convenient to transform, but also for two versions can be synchronized, especially the business

Improve performance with SQL Server 2005 indexed views A

I. Indexed views For years, MicrosoftSQL Server has supported the creation of virtual tables called views. Typically, the main functions of these views are: Provides a security mechanism that restricts users to a dataset in one or more base tables.

Paging stored procedure (ii) returns more accurate paging results in SQL Server

In my new function of using SQL Server2005 to construct a paging stored procedure, I mentioned using the Row_number () function instead of top to implement the paging stored procedure. But the time is long, and found a new problem, is the master

Porting an Access database to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

access|server| Data | Database Summary: This article describes the procedures and tools for converting an Access database to a SQL Server database Brief introduction As the user's demand for enterprise-class high-performance databases grows, users

MS SQL Server Connectivity Knowledge

The top part of the stack is the API or object library layer. The application is connected to the Microsoft®sql Server through API functions or interfaces exposed by the object library. Examples of APIs used to access SQL Server include ODBC and


SET NOCOUNT Causes the returned results to not contain information about the number of rows affected by Transact-SQL statements. Grammar SET NOCOUNT {on | OFF} Comments When SET NOCOUNT is on, the count is not returned (representing the number of

What is the effect of statistics on queries in SQL Server

Brief introduction SQL Server Query Analyzer is cost-based. Typically, the Query Analyzer determines how to choose an efficient query route based on predicates, such as which index to choose. And every time the Query Analyzer looking for the path,

Six ways to move data in SQL Server

1. Import or export through the designer of the tool DTS DTS's designer features a powerful, multitasking, visual interface, easy to operate, but not many people know, if only for the SQL Server database to move some of the tables, this method is

SQL Server Query Optimization recommendations

server| optimization Some queries are inherently resource intensive. This is related to basic database and indexing issues. These queries are not inefficient because the query optimizer implements these queries in the most efficient way possible.

Ways to fix the MDF file for SQL Server

Ways to fix the MDF file for SQL Server If the database backed up has 2 files, respectively. LDF and. MDF, open Enterprise Manager, right-click on the instance---All Tasks-append database, then select that. MDF file, it's OK. Or, in Query Analyzer,

Porting an Access database to SQL server[pick]

access|server| Data | Databases as users grow in demand for enterprise-class high-performance databases, users often have to switch from a file-server environment in a Microsoft Access jet engine to a client-server environment in Microsoft SQL

SQL Server database backup restore another party method

server| Backup | data | Database direct copy of data files copy the data files (*.mdf) and log files (*.ldf) from the database to the destination server and restore the statements in SQL Server Query Analyzer: EXEC sp_attach_db @dbname = ' Test ',

SQL Server Query Efficiency optimization

Query Efficiency analysis: subquery to ensure that duplicate values are eliminated, nested queries must be processed for each result of the external query. In this case, you might consider replacing the join query. If you want to use a subquery,

SQL Server 2005 about data type Max

This article is an example of SQL Server 2005 solution to the maximum data type problem. Things started very simply. Megaware's marketing department wants a new Web site to publish documents, and the development team feels that using a SQL Server 200

Introduction to stored procedures and use of ASP stored procedures

Stored procedures First, introduce what is stored procedure stored procedures are programs that are written using the Tranact-sql language provided by SQL Server. The Tranact-sql language is the language that SQL Server provides specifically for

asp.net Database Cache dependencies

Asp.net| Cache | data | Database asp.net database cache dependencies by Peter A. Bromberg, Ph.D. In ASP.net, the coolest feature of the cache class is its ability to control its behavior according to various dependencies. file-based dependencies

Data Mutual guide between Access database and SQLserver2000

This article describes how to implement an Access database and SQLserver2000 data transduction by executing SQL statements using Query Analyzer with SQL Server Execute SQL statement implementation by using SQL Server's Query Analyzer: I. Import

Development history of SQL Server database stored procedures

SQL Server stored procedures can be Transact-SQL (T-SQL) statements, or. NET Framework's common language runtime (CLR), which is designed to facilitate database queries. They accept input parameters, return output parameters, can be executed in the

Export SQL Server results as Excel files

I'm sure you'll often encounter problems exporting SQL Server query results to Excel. If you export fewer times, direct "Save Results as ..." Yes, but when it comes to sampling each table separately, it's pretty messy. Today to provide you with a

MS SQL Server query for full-text retrieval of file contents

server| Full-text Search Because the project needs, you need to query the content of uploaded files. MSDN understands that the Windows Indexing Service enables Full-text retrieval of files and queries through SQL Server. The project combines the two

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