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To debug a Python program instance with a PDB module

This article mainly introduces the use of PDB modules to debug Python program instances, this article focuses on the Pdb.run () function, Pdb.runeval () function, Pdb.runcall () function, Pdb.set_trace () The use of functions and the PDB debugging

My collection of Transact

Beginner transact_sql******************** --Statement function --Data manipulation SELECT-Retrieve rows and columns of data from a database table INSERT-Add new data rows to a database table Delete-Deletes rows of data from a database table Update--

Make Flash mouse following effect (figure)

1. Sets the size of the scene to be 400pxx30px, the background color is #00659c, and the frame rate is 12fps. 2. Press the shortcut key Ctrl+f8 Open the Create new symbol panel creates a new graphic symbol named "Grimace." Then use the "oval" tool

Creation of elegance and rhythm in design

The first is the digression, and recently heard the "interaction designer crisis" argument. This topic has been discussed a lot, such as Cooper's article "The Future of interaction design is Slim" (Alan Cooper, known as the father of interactive

WIN7 64-bit flagship system calculator shortcut keys Daquan

Calculator keyboard shortcuts Daquan: Ctrl+e Open Date Calculation Ctrl+h to turn calculation history on or off Ctrl+u Open Unit conversion CTRL+Q Press M-button Ctrl+r Press the MR button Ctrl+l Press the MC button Ctrl+p Press the m+ button

3D Programming: Chapter II A 3d/math Primer

ab= (ax *bx) + (ay *by) + (AZ *bz) This produces a scalar value, because some dot product is also known as scalar product (or inner product). According to the definition of vector length, we can compute the length of vectors by using the square

Excel Practical Skills Daquan

Excel is our common Office software, the author in the use of the process summed up a number of experience, now written for your reference. 1, do not use the arrow keys can also move the selected cells up and down due to work needs, I enter a

JS Getting Started instance the definition and invocation of the constructor \ Method \ Prototype Object

js| Objects | functions Jscript.js file/**//* JScript FilesThe plural is the sum of an imaginary number and an imaginary number, and the imaginary I is the square root of 1.*/ /**//* The first step in defining a class is to define the constructor of

Mahout Source Code Analysis of Distributedlanczossolver (iii) JOB2

Mahout version: 0.7,hadoop version: 1.0.4,jdk:1.7.0_25 64bit. 1. Prelude: This chapter continues with the analysis, analysis of lanczossolver: Vector nextvector = issymmetric? Corpus.times (Currentvector): corpus.timessquared (Currentvector); The

Common errors in Excel formula application and their handling

In the process of using Excel to complete a task, the formula is used very much and can solve all kinds of problems. However, this does not mean that the application of the formula will always be smooth, if we use the function and the formula is a

Interesting Flash mouse following effect

Follow | mouse   Introduction: This example in the mouse effect is the most basic, but also a more typical mouse instance. The effect of small people's eyes will follow the mouse movement, then the mouse has become a bunch of bananas. Therefore,

10 Word Formula Editor tips for using

Start and exit of the ① formula editor Tools/Custom/keyboard/insert/insertequation, put the pointer on the "Please press new shortcut" under the blank line, press "Ctrl+enter" (of course, you can also use other shortcuts, but the easiest operation),

Asp. NET common function table

The asp.net| function Abs (number) obtains the absolute value of the numerical values. ASC (String) Gets the first character ASCII code of a string expression. ATN (number) Gets an angle of the tangent value. CallByName (object, ProcName,

How a geometric artboard draws points with square root coordinates

Step a new parameter T. Open the Geometry artboard, click on the top of the "Data" menu, in its Drop-down menu, select "New Parameters" command, in the pop-up dialog box to change the value of 3, Unit No, the new value of 3 parameter T, as shown in

Some of the ASP learning notes recorded

Simple counters made with application and session notes If IsEmpty (Session ("Conn")) Then Application.Lock Set Counterfile=server.createobject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set Temp=counterfile.opentextfile (Server.MapPath ("Count.txt"),

Several common usages of awk under Unix

1.awk Regular expression meta-character \ code-changing sequence ^ Start match at beginning of string $ start match at end of string . Match any single string [ABC] matches any character within [] [A-ca-c] matches characters (in alphabetical

The Transact of my own sort

transact_sql******************** --Statement function --Data manipulation SELECT-Retrieve rows and columns of data from a database table INSERT-Add new data rows to a database table Delete-Deletes rows of data from a database table Update--updating

Calculate the similarity of two black-and-white pictures

If you have two Black-and-white images with 32x32 resolution, what do you do to calculate the similarity between the two pictures? According to this article, "Mathematical Beauty series 12-cosine theorem and news classification", we only need to

Use Equation Editor in Word to edit mathematical formulas

In Word2003, you can use the Equation Editor to enter mathematical formulas such as fractions, radicals, and so on, as described in the following procedure: Step 1th, open the Word2003 document window and select the Insert → object menu command in

One plus 100 is a full square, plus 168 is a full square integer.

See the full set of "C language problem sets" Title: An integer, it plus 100 is a full square, plus 168 is a full square, what is the number? 1. Procedure analysis: In 100,000 to judge, first of the number plus 100 before the root, and then the

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