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C # extension Method--An advanced Chapter eight: type class extension

The Type class provides a large number of properties and methods, but in some basic development work, the type class functionality is somewhat deficient, especially when dealing with generic types, such as nullable types and generic collection

How to maximize the improvement. NET Performance (cont.)

Performance Yesterday I sent an article on how to maximize the improvement. NET performance of the article, commented on a lot of people here, thank you very much for your comments, some of which are pointing out some of the mistakes of the article,

Writing a thread-safe JSP application

JSP default is multithreaded, this is the JSP and Asp,php,perl script language is not the same place, but also one of its advantages, but if you do not pay attention to the synchronization problem in multiple threads, will make the written JSP

JAVA Timer Simple Usage Learning

A timer has two modes of performing a task, the most commonly used is schedule, which can perform tasks in two ways: 1: At a certain time (Data), 2: After a certain time (int delay). Either way, you can specify how often the task executes. See a

Open from a simple 5 site. NET Cross-platform tour

After experiencing the "Black 1 seconds" of air delight in Ali's cloud, we are "forced" to consider implementation. NET, replacing the Web server from Windows with Linux. And this "forced" in a long-standing desire to become the case. The wish

Design Pattern Learning Notes (ix)-singleton mode

The book "Design Pattern" is described in the singleton mode: Guarantees that a class has only one instance and provides a global access point to access it. This model is relatively simple, here is an example: public class Singleton {  private

How to apply Lucene to text indexing and search functions

Recently, because the company needs, fuzzy search for similar keywords, so directly consider the use of Lucene. Lucene allows you to add search functionality to your program, and Lucene can index and search the data you parse from the text, and

Apache Commons fileupload Implementation file upload

The Apache Commons-fileupload.jar is placed under the web-inf\lib of the application and can be used. The following example describes how to use its file upload feature. The FileUpload version used is 1.2 and the environment is eclipse3.3+myeclipse6

Android Multithreading Research (6) data isolation between multithreading

In the previous "Android Multithreading Research (5)--Thread sharing data" in the data sharing between threads to learn and research, this article we look at how to solve the problem of data isolation between multiple threads, what is data isolation?

Comparison of comparable and comparator in Java

In this article, we introduce the comparable and comparator two interfaces, and their differences, and then, by example, explain how they are used. Comparable introduction Comparable is the sort interface. If a class implements the comparable

Several techniques for improving the performance of Android ListView

How does the listview work? ListView is where the design applies to scalability and high performance requirements. In fact, this means that ListView has the following 2 requirements: Create a view as few as possible; Just draw and layout the

The extension approach to the. NET 3.x new feature experience

Today we'll take a look at the new features of. NET 3.x: extension methods. Here's what I call the new features of the. NET 3.x, which are actually some of the new features of C # 3.0, which I call the. NET 3.x new features, given LINQ. May be so

"Multiple Inheritance" in c#3.0

C # 's object system is a single root system, not supporting multiple inheritance of classes, only supporting multiple interface implementations, which in some ways is causing some inconvenience: we often abstract some interfaces in system design

Reading text files using System.IO and Visual C #. NET

Visual Reading text files using System.IO and Visual C #. NET Reading text files in Visual C #. NET to open and read files for read access is a very important part of the input/output (IO) feature, even if you do not need to write to related files.

Cachehelper cache control to reduce server pressure

Usually we cache for the page and related data (divided into the client and server side of the cache), the following code for the general operation of the corresponding cache (server), to reduce the number of accesses to the database, reduce the

A summary of several ways to define JavaScript classes

  This article is mainly on the JavaScript definition class of several ways to make a detailed summary of the introduction, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you. We can think of classes, objects, encapsulation,

JavaScript writing: The writing of JavaScript classes

A function in JavaScript is a class that uses this to set the public member variables and methods of a class, such as: function MyClass (name) { var str = "private string"; Private field function Privatefn () {//private method alert

C # Implementation on-Screen keyboard (Screenkeyboard)

To implement a on-screen keyboard, all keyboard events need to be monitored regardless of whether the form is active or not. So you need a global hook, which is the system-wide hook. What is a hook (hooks) Hooks are a message processing mechanism

C # 2.0 static class[2]

Look at what is static class, I have long ago to be unable to declare an abstract sealed class and distressed, I have raised this question in CSDN, but did not get resonance. The answer I got was this: is abstract and sealed used together? The

DependencyProperty attached properties for Wf,wpf,silverlight

Note that the DependencyProperty attached property, not the binding property First look at a hypothesis, How to extend a member of a class without modifying a class (inheritance is not possible) This is not possible in the traditional OO design,

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