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A browser Check class

Browser A browser Check class Original Author: epsilon7 // Sonymusic( Class Browserdetector { var $UA = ""; The contents of the $HTTP _user_agent var $BROWSER = "Unknown"; Browser type var $PLATFORM = "Unknown"; Operating

How C + + reads a row of an indeterminate number of integers

Suppose there is a file, each row of the file consists of n integers, the integers are separated by a space, and the file has a total of M lines, but N,m is not known beforehand. How to read one row of integers from a file into an array at a time.

Character handler function strtok (String str,string arg)

Function Today we used a function, looked up the manual, and gave the following instructions: Output: Word=this Word=is Word=an Word=example Word=string This function also has the function of automatic storage location, can obtain the

Linux Programming Basics (vi) reentrant functions, sig_atomic_t types, and volatile qualifiers

One, POSIX definitions of both reentrant and thread-safe concepts: Reentrant Function:a Function whose effect when called by two or over threads,is to as if The threads each executed the function one over another in a undefined order, even if the

A comprehensive test of the validity of an email

We often hope that friends who visit your website can leave an email. But a lot of people are going to fight, causing the manager to bother, The following class can be used to check whether email is valid or not. ? Class Cemail { var $email

Convert Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese PHP functions

function | chinese | Convert Thank you Netizen Keyes provide the Delphi source code of the transplant. The method is called $txt=gbtobig5 ($txt). (note: In source code include "data_gb.php"; This file is an array, in

Decoding of POP3 messages with PHP (III.)

Classes that implement MIME decoding This class of decoding method is decode ($head =null, $body =null, $content _num=-1), in order to deal with the convenience, requires input is two character array, in our last chapter, the use of pop class is

SMTP mail Send an example

SMTP mail Send an example test_smtp.php Require ("smtp.php"); $SMTP =new Smtp_class; $SMTP->host_name= ""; $smtp->localhost= "localhost"; $from = ""; $to = ""; if ($smtp->sendmessage

On the application of C + + Strtok

So the correct application of the method we will be in this article for you to explain in detail, hope to be helpful to everyone, improve the actual program development efficiency. C + + Strtok prototype is as follows: Char *strtok ( Char

Traditional Chinese conversion to Simplified Chinese PHP functions

A few days before the conversion I asked in the Oso forum whether this source program, no one replied. Finally determined to transplant one such function, thanks to Netizens Keyes provide the Delphi source code for the transplant. The method is

C + + Common string processing functions and usage examples

Char *strcpy (char *s1, const char *S2) Copies the string s2 to the string array S1, returning the value of S1 Char *strncpy (char *s1, const char *S2, size_t N) Copies the maximum n characters in the string S2 to the string array S1, returning

The font application in PHP is an explanation

Summary: There are many friends of the site to provide complex, Jane two versions of the confusion, how to achieve it? This is one of the most important points of knowledge that is missing from many PHP books nowadays. The author collects and

Application of Php:strtok () function

The Strtok () function can control the tempo relative to explode (). Cut strings as needed. Its advantages are: 1, you can define multiple separators at once. When a function is executed, it is cut by a single delimiter rather than by the entire

How to develop a virtual domain Name System

Everyone in the use of such as such denoted domain name is very convenient, there are many people think: if I can make their own server can also achieve denoted domain name is good. It's not complicated, actually. After reading

The realization of trim in C language

This paper introduces the implementation of trim in C language in detail. Describe I used ATL to write a COM, does not support MFC, so can not use CString, but support C code, encountered string (character array), want to remove the space in the

The-explore.class.php device

Original Author: epsilon7Sonymusic ( Browserdetector {var $UA = ""; The contents of the $HTTP _user_agentvar $BROWSER = "Unknown"; Browser typevar $PLATFORM = "Unknown"; Operating systemvar $VERSION = ""; Browser version

Application of PHP strtok () function instance

The Strtok () function can control the tempo relative to explode (). Cut strings as needed. Its advantages are: 1, you can define more than one separator at a time. When a function is executed, it is cut by a single delimiter rather than by the

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