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svn+ APACHE + TORTOISTSVN Configuration


1. Software download and Installation Download and installation must be very simple, from their own web site download the latest version of the installable version, as prompted to install also can be. After the Apache installation is successful,



#!/bin/bash dir= "/svndata" name= "puppet" user= " test" passwd= "test" yum-y Install Subversion Expect mkdir-p $dir cd $dir/ svnadmin create $name echo " [groups] admin = $user [$ name:/] @admin = RW ">>

Linux under SVN commit ignores certain files, directories (Ignore properties

SVN is also a directory synchronization we can use it to do version control, below to see about the Linux SVN submission ignores some files, directories (ignore attributes), I hope the example will help you. In the project, some files are not

Use one line of code to resolve various IE compatibility issues with CSS

Use a line of code to resolve the various compatibility issues in CSS, Ie6,ie7,ie8,ie9,ie10. In the process of writing the code in front of the website, many times the compatibility problem of IE versions is difficult to complete. Now Baidu and

SVN Quick Start 2:windows operations

The previous article described the cumbersome use of the command line to execute SVN commands, and the following is an introduction to SVN operations under Windows. Anonymous users are generally not allowed to be safe. So the anon-access = Read and

Win7 How to bulk delete. svn files


Operation steps: 1, create a notepad on the desktop; 2. Enter the following code in Notepad and name it as a file with a. reg extension: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/CLASSES/FOLDER/SHELL/DELETESVN] @= "Delete

PHP code source may be contaminated recommended download be careful

PHP official website ( March 25 News: According to the PHP official website posted news that its Wiki account was stolen, due to vulnerabilities, and the wiki account and PHP code source of the SVN submission

A brief talk on HTML5 response-type layout

One, what is the response layout? The responsive layout is a concept that Ethan Marcotte in May 2010, in short, that a Web site can be compatible with multiple terminals-not a specific version for each terminal. This concept was created to address

Introduction to Luaplus: Useful lua for C + + extensions

Luaplus is the LUA C + + enhancement, which means that Luaplus itself is enhanced by the LUA source. It is a better choice to cooperate with C + +. The current version of Luaplus is: Luaplus for Lua 5.01 Distribution build 1080 (February 28, 2004).

Linux system to search for files with whereis command.

Linux under the Whereis command and find command a bit similar, Whereis command lookup faster, but can only find the program name, with the following small series to understand the specific use of the Whereis command. The Whereis command searches

Robot Operating System Ros Tutorial (10) Speech control


Now that speech recognition is hot on PCs and Smartphones, Ros is at the forefront of technology and certainly not missing out on such a handsome technology. Ros uses code from the CMU Sphinx and Festival Open source projects, issuing independent

PHP runs SVN command to display a user's file update record code

  Using SVN developers who need to know about a time period to modify or add those files during the normal development or code line, so write a small program in PHP and call it directly in the browser Code as follows:

APACHE+SVN Certification deployment of combat


Apache: I'm using a Yum installation, such as: Yum-y install httpd* 1. Install the APACHE+SVN combination module Yum Install Mod_dav_svn-y 2. Set the Web page to access the SVN account and password, Apache does not provide plaintext account and

tutorial on installing WEBSVN in a CentOS system

Hello everyone, today we will install the Web interface websvn for Subversion (SVN) on CentOS 7.0. (Subverion is Apache's top-level project, also known as Apache SVN or SVN) WEBSVN will svbverion to operate the various functions of your warehouse

Install Apache and Subversion methods under Linux (RH9)

Read a lot of information on the Internet, yesterday finally with the help of Atango to become a Linux (RH9) under Subversion. Summing up the experience of each road write the installation configuration process below: First, the required

0 Foundation can also learn the GitHub series of the first knowledge GitHub

This year, the entire stack of designers more and more popular, regardless of visual, UI or interactive is difficult to escape the tide. So deliberately to the programming foundation of the designer to point to easy to understand the introductory

Git-commit-id-plugin of Maven Plug-ins

When SCM uses git instead of SVN, using MAVEN releases, there are always some baffling questions about Google looking for the reason and inadvertently seeing the plugin; For the plugin, so far there are fewer documents, especially in Chinese, and

Win7 System download SVN server Setup Tutorial

  1 Software Preparation: setup-subversion-1.7.8 tortoisesvn- 2 Installation: Install the personal need to set a good installation path. 3 Create a root directory for a library and create a root path to a version

Micro-Credit Public account verification method

Some time ago I applied for a micro-credit public account, wanted to implement automatic response on the server side, and also contacted about Django programming to continue my web path in Python. Finally, I have time to record this process, as

The SVN icon does not show the solution


The SVN icon does not show the solution Recently found SVN icon inexplicably does not show, the other operations are normal. Some methods were searched on the internet. Workaround One (FAILED): Upgrade the latest version, my original is the

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