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First knowledge of PowerBuilder

Preface PowerBuilder is one of the most popular front-end development tools in the database, there is no doubt about it. All the programmers who have used PowerBuilder have a common experience, that is, compared to other client/server development to

13th Chapter-DELPHI Development Database Application Overview (i) (2)

Database Characteristics of 13.2.1 Delphi Like other applications, Delphi provides a number of parts to facilitate the creation of database applications. The data members of a database object can be set at design time or by program code at run time.

Comparison of Active Server Pages and Lotus Domino

Active|dom|server| compared to play for a year of ASP Now the boss suddenly asked me to get Lotus domino/notes. Alas, there is no way ~ ~ Here is an article about ASP and Lotus Domino/notes, you see, talk about the view ------------------- (Turn http

The log of Sybase database management and maintenance experience

Sybase is a world-renowned database manufacturer, and its relational database products Sybase SQL Server has a large number of users in large and medium-sized enterprises in China. The author in the course of many years of use, summed up the Sybase d

Several common SQL functions for querying meta information in Sybase ASA

Several common SQL functions for querying meta information in Sybase ASA: sp_column_privileges Unsupported sp_columns table-name [, table-owner ] [, table-qualifier] [, column-name] 返回指定列的数据类型 sp_databases Unsupported sp_datatype_info Unsupported sp

Sybase's Affairs

This article describes the impact of database transaction isolation levels on locks, and understands the relationship between lock and dirty reads by comparing transaction isolation levels 0 and 1. Experiment content: Set 0 and Level 1 isolation lev

How to rename an existing Sybase logical volume

I would like to change the current Sybase logical volume renamed, mainly Master, proc, tempdb, dbccdb equipment, how to change, in the database how to operate? Question Answer 1 shutdown Sybase 2 use CHLV to change master, proc, tempdb, dbccdb equ

JSP connection all kinds of database Daquan (next)

js| Data | Database Four, JSP connection Informix database testinformix.jsp is as follows: <%@ page contenttype= "text/html;charset=gb2312"%> <%@ page import= "java.sql.*"%&

How to rename an existing Sybase logical volume

I would like to change the current Sybase logical volume renamed, mainly Master, proc, tempdb, dbccdb equipment, how to change, in the database how to operate? Question Answer: Use CHLV to change th

The SQL Programming in Delphi

SQL language, as a general structure query language in relational database management system, has been adopted by many database management systems, such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix and other database management systems, which support SQL language. De

Sybase database equipment and storage space management overview

1. Install initialization When you initially install SQL Server, Setup and script initialize the main device and establish the master, model, tempdb, and Sybsystemprocs databases. system databases, predefined devices, and segments are organized in

Five reasons not to use MySQL database

First of all we need to know that there may be a number of reasons why we can choose to use it, but let us not use it often as long as there is a reason is enough. The same is true for choosing a software PRODUCT. MySQL Database Although the applicat

Sybase application Example: Portuguese Telecel Mobile Telecom Co., ltd

Business challenge: To become a leader in Portuguese mobile communications by improving customer service and innovation. Establish a data warehouse to understand the business situation in detail, know what customers are interested in, what they are b

The solution of Sybase RS rs_init problem

When the Rs_init is complete, an error occurs: MSG 806, level, State 1: Server ' DSJCYLNKP620 ', line 1: Could not find virtual page for logical page 544371551 in database ' TestDB '. The SQL Server is terminating this process. Ct-library Error:

The realization of extracting data from database dynamically in PHP input page

Dynamic | data | database | Page SUMMARY: When making a Dynamic Web page in PHP, before submitting the server, let PHP take the value of the relevant other fields from the database and display it to the current page according to the value of a field

A brief introduction to the BCP usage of Sybase data backup

BCP is generally stored in the installed ASE or open Client Bin directory. The 12 version of the previous ASE,BCP storage directory for the $SYBASE/bin,12 version (including 12 versions) after the storage directory for $SYBASE/ocs-12_x/bin. Where $sy

Overview of Sybase SQL language

SQL (Structured Query language) is a kind of international standard of relational database language, it is a kind of non procedural language. By writing SQL, we can implement all the operations on the relational database. Data definition Language (D

Data storage form in SQL Server 2000 (ii)

server| data SQL Server is a relational database management system that was originally developed by Microsoft, Sybase and ashton-tate three companies and launched its first OS/2 version in 1988. Microsoft and Sybase split up on SQL Server development

Using SQLServer2005 linked servers and Sybase

The Sybase database is synchronized with the SQL Server 2005 database, precisely by using SQL Server 2005 to read and write to the Sybase database tables. The data interfaces of other systems are sometimes required in the project, and the data in th

How SQL Server accesses the tables of the Sybase database

One install Sybase client Version: Sybase Client 11.9.2 for NT 1 after the installation completes, the operation starts-> program->sybase->dsedit 2 Select Menu ' Server Object ',-> ' Add ' to enter service name like 1.70 3 then select

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