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Use the MySQL built-in replication feature to optimize availability

MySQL uses MySQL built-in replication functionality to optimize availability 2001-10-05 21:31 Published by: Fei Read times: 142 In Soundbreak we play live audio and video 24 hours a day without interruption, so we can't make a convincing test of

Java Concurrency Basics Practice: Quitting task I

Plan to write a "Java Concurrent basic Practice" series, counted as my Java concurrency Learning and practice of a simple summary. This is the first of the series that describes the easiest way to quit a concurrent task. After a concurrent task is

On the multithreading mechanism of C #

Multithreading Note: The code that appears in this article runs through the. NET Framework RC3 Environment A. The concept of multithreading windows is a multitasking system, and if you are using Windows 2000 and above, you can view the programs

Optimize availability with MySQL built-in replication capabilities

In Soundbreak we play live audio and video 24 hours a day without interruption, so we can't make a convincing test of MySQL's new replication features. By testing, we found that this feature can be used to keep data synchronized with the backup

Vb. NET Development Scan Client Service tool

Clients in large and medium-sized enterprise information systems, the management of client PCs, is often a problem-prone link. As a result, many large companies have introduced a variety of distributed management systems, such as the Norton

C # Multithreading Learning (ii) How to manipulate a thread

Let's start by creating a thread that simply provides a thread entry when you create a thread using the thread class. (Thread entry makes the program know what to do with this thread) In C #, the thread entry is provided through the ThreadStart

How C # is multithreaded programming

Programming | multithreading First Contact C # When a small example, first posted to this bar. Because multithreaded programming is very complex, this small example can only be a knowledge point of the entry line First build an application project,

C # Multithreading Learning (v) automatic management of multithreading (timer)

Timer class: Set up a timer that executes the user-specified function at timed intervals. When the timer is started, the system will automatically create a new thread that executes the user-specified function. Initializes a Timer object: Timer

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