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The efficiency problem of querying random quantity items in MySQL database and its solution

Recently, because of the need to study the MySQL random extraction implementation method. For example, to randomly extract a record from the TableName table, the general wording would be: SELECT * from TableName ORDER by RAND () LIMIT 1. But then

Code optimization method for accelerated exploration of PHP programs

With Pear::benchmark, you already know how to test your code, know how to judge if your code is fast or slow, and which part of it is slower. So the next thing I want to say is how to eliminate or optimize that part of the slow code. My personal

7-Step solution that the Oracle Listener service cannot start

A, connect the host string, said no listener svrmgr> connect INTERNAL/ORACLE@ORCL; Ora-12541:tns:no Listener svrmgr> Second, run the listener, said address of the protocol dedicated component specifies incorrect C:>lsnrctl lsnrctl for 32-bit

PHP program to speed up the exploration of code optimization

Program | optimization mastered Pear::benchmark, now that you know how to test your code, know how to determine if your code is fast or slow, which part is slower. So the next thing I want to say is how to eliminate or optimize that part of the slow

POJ 1456 Supermarket: greed, and check the collection

Link: http://poj.org/problem?id=1456 Topic: Description A supermarket has a set Prod of products on sale. It earns a profit px for each product X∈prod sold by a deadline DX this is measured as a integral number of time units St Arting from the

Seagatebara Seagate Hard Drive K11, K12 Factory maintenance instructions

  Servo defect table   F3 TV8 V8 servo Flaws List log log PHY Head Cyl cyl Wedge Status 0 16c7c 16c7c F8 primary 0 16c7d 16c7d F8 primary 0 16C 7E 16c7e F8 Primary 0 16c7f 16c7f F8 primary 0 16c80 16c80 F8 primary 1 316 316 primary + DEALLOCD 1 31

Design Theory: Touch screen button size and space design

In the touch-screen button design, size has a huge impact on usability. ISO and ANSI standards recommend the size of 0.75 "x 0.75" (x 19 mm), and a study from the Department of Psychology at Wright State University also shows that the 0.75 "x 0.75"

Anonymous delegate in methods of derived classes in C # The method that calls the base class produces unverifiable code

It seems that reading a developer's blog is a shortcut to gaining knowledge, especially when the developer is responsible for a product that is one of the infrastructure you use every day, such as saying ... Compiler. When I read Eric Lippert's blog,

Statspack 14-"log File sync" Waiting for events

Original source: Http://www.eygle.com/statspack/statspack14-LogFileSync.htm When a user submits (commits) or rolls back (rollback), the redo information of the session needs to be written out to redo logfile. The user process notifies the LGWR to

Shao Jun: Web Site Diagnostics Impact page Open time of the three cancer

Engaged in the site are aware of the site user experience is very important, which we do in the SEO inside is also the key to the emphasis on many times the core factors, and search engines are constantly adjusting in this regard to make further

Text animation effect in PowerPoint to make PowerPoint slides more impact

PowerPoint offers a lot of ready-made animations, but sometimes PowerPoint offers less-than-rich and shocking results when it comes to highlighting text or pictures that need to be highlighted in some header classes, and here's how to combine the

Oracle Common FAQ V1.0 (2)

Oracle second part, Oracle Architecture system [Q] Oracle has those data types [A] common types of data are Char fixed length character value field, maximum length up to 2000 bytes NCHAR a fixed-length character value field of a multibyte character

Algorithm series (10) Line generation algorithm

In Euclidean geometry space, the plane equation is a ternary equation, the line is the intersection of two non parallel planes, so the linear equation is two ternary equations. But in plane analytic geometry, the equation of the straight line is

Continue Acegi-> 0.8

New work rhythm is faster, so not too much update blog. Recently, Ibaits code conventions and JUnit best practice have been written, and I'm glad that the community can progress along the path of agility and TDD. Friends who need these two things

On the understanding of three times PR update change of own website

Then an article to continue to say, PR update changes, resulting in the site three times PR change, so to say the latest three times PR update it, these understanding should be to some know friends are very helpful, first come to the general said PR

Interactive design of self-taught path map for non-students

The most common rookie problem in all groups is--0 How do you learn interactive design? In fact, most of the time 0 Foundation is not scary, but the most fear is the 0 basis for the kind of impetuous, such as often they are pursuing a crash. Every

ORACLE SQL Performance Optimization series (ii)

oracle| Performance | optimization 4. Select the most efficient table name order (valid only in the Rule-based optimizer) The Oracle parser processes the table names in the FROM clause in Right-to-left order, so the last table in the FROM clause

MySQL ORDER BY Rand () efficiency

Recently, because of the need to study the MySQL random extraction implementation method. For example, to randomly extract a record from the TableName table, the general wording would be: SELECT * from TableName ORDER by RAND () LIMIT 1. But then I

The implementation of MySQL random number

SELECT FLOOR (7 + (RAND () * 6)); Randomly generating a number in a range-------------------------------------------------------A friend asked how to use random numbers in MySQLHow to write a statement to update hundreds of MySQL data!Need to test

Tips: PHP Development Web Site program code optimization method

How to eliminate or optimize the PHP development site program code? My personal main experience at this point is only two points, one is to eliminate the wrong or inefficient cycle; the second is to optimize the database query statement. In fact,

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