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How to prevent and solve the problem of the website is Hung horse

Tip: I am here to discuss the blog has recently been an example of ARP attack, annoying to death. The manifestation of the site by the IFRAME Hanging horse, pop-up a large number of pornographic sites, the problem appeared 11 hours, these 11 hours

Discuss the principles and techniques of website keyword selection

I believe that a lot of webmaster friends know to promote a flow of keywords, you are the first to go to Baidu to check the word Baidu index, for I just launched a new station, you can Baidu index lower the first to do, and so on after the promotion,

Do not design for design is to serve the immediate needs of customers

Article Introduction: do not design for the sake of design and design is to serve the immediate needs of customers. Recently participated in Group week meeting, one of the links is the marketing design Group's work reviews, although I

The time scale of the user experience

From the beginning of contact with the Internet, has been concerned about the speed of each Web page browsing, regardless of the size of domestic and foreign sites, and each user's browsing time is not the same, so as to understand the user browsing

How to implement a socket server with PHP

Want to build a chat app, or even a game? Then, the socket server will be your first step. Once you understand the basics of creating a server, subsequent optimization steps will be just as simple. The socket server works in such a way that it runs

Web Stress test Tool Apache

Many Web stress testing tools are now charged, but Apache brings a free stress test tool, the AB tool (command). Specifically in the Apache root directory in the bin directory, find a Ab.exe file is. Use it to make a rough test of how your program

Mail server imail Tutorial

IMAIL Basic Installation and Setup The basic situation of IMAIL Operating Environment 〗:nt/2k Software name 〗:imail Administrator Version 6.04 EVAL Software features 〗:e-mail server-side software Affiliated Company 〗:ipswitch Inc. Company

How to monitor mail servers

First, the preface With the major websites have launched a mailbox billing services, the vast number of netizens are gradually adapting to the concept of "paid service", at the same time, they also pay the quality of the mailbox to put forward

Google AdSense Terms Update

Google AdSense Login, found that the terms of AdSense changed, asking users to accept the above "terms." This clause is very long, the language is obscure, I read it again did not see how to understand what the main explanation is, this kind of

SEO or SEM analysis of two kinds of network marketing methods

Someone will all through the network way to achieve marketing goals, collectively referred to as Network marketing, some people do not know the difference between SEM and SEO, some people do not even understand the micro-credit marketing,

jquery Free resources: WEBJX recommended good countdown jquery Plugin

Article Introduction: jquery Countdown Plugin If you've ever developed a Web site or app that is similar to a time limit, or if you need to add some arcane elements before you can post a super awesome game, an awesome or cool Countdown

Codeforces Round #157 (Div. 1) C. Little Elephant and LCM (Math, DP)

C. Little Elephant and LCM time limit/test 4 seconds memory limit per test 256 megabytes input standard input output s Tandard output The Little Elephant loves the LCM (least common multiple) operation of a non-empty set of positive integers. The

First Aid toolkit for Web servers

Just like 90% of the home maintenance work can be done with a screwdriver and a wrench, the Web server is no exception. Let's take a look at these tools.   1, the server response is slow If the server responds slowly, the first thing to do is to

International domain name related arbitration policy

This article introduces ICANN (Internet name and digital address distribution agency) issued two rules on domain name arbitration policy, the students want to fry the domain name as soon as possible, so as to avoid future losses. Unified domain Name

jquery plug-ins: Slide show based on CSS3 and HTML5

Article Introduction: zslide-based on CSS3/HTML5 demo documentation jquery plugin. What kind of gourd medicine do you sell? Jquery.zSlide.js is my zhangxinxu recently toss a jquery plugin, with the help of some of the new features of

Multi-process application analysis in PHP CLI mode

PHP is often not suitable for resident shell processes, he does not have a dedicated GC routines, and there is no effective memory management path. So if you're using PHP as a resident shell, you'll often run out of memory and lead to abort and

Session Management in the PHP4

The most notable of the new features of session PHP4 is the management function of the session. When someone visits your site, you can save variables to the session object, enabling many new features. What is session If you're not quite sure,

. Multi-threaded programming under net

Multithreading is a lot of control system has the characteristics, it can greatly improve the operation of the program efficiency, so multithreaded programming skills for programmers throughout the concern. In front of Microsoft. NET strategy is

Java Thread Programming 1.8.1-inter-thread Communication

The Need for Inter-thread signaling Through synchronization, one thread can safely change values that another thread would read. How does the second thread know the values have changed? What If the second thread is waiting for the "values to" by

The first WEB2.0 Business Day Review and summary (1)

Web|web2 Back to Shanghai has been more than January, every day to the past 9 months in Qingdao, the days of the record down, is a review, is summed up today, finally opened to write. I joined the BASF team on May 15, 2006, and in March 2006 I

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