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"An analysis of the Ajaxpro implementation mechanism" Ajaxpro what work does the interior do for us?

Ajax First find an excuse: good early to analyze the Ajaxpro code to implement the mechanism, has been suffering from no time, now finally have so little, opening, and slowly analysis ... Start with one of the simplest examples:Click on a client butt

Using annotation auxiliary json-lib conversion JavaBean

Overview Today, a large number of WEB sites to apply AJAX technology, with less data communication, the server can be faster feedback user requests, and then through Javascript control, so that users have a better user experience. JSON is a lightwei

Backbone.js Series Tutorial 11: Backbone.model

Introduction to Backbone.model A backbone model can be likened to a form structure, a column with a header similar to a form, and a row of data similar to a form. Backbone.model object defines column labels, and then uses predefined and custom metho

Play to dynamic compilation (ii) combat

Dynamic compilation in play: First, in the first, we have learned the simplest use of dynamic compilation. Today directly from the actual combat to see what the real situation of dynamic compilation can bring to us. The example to be demonstrated to

Enclosure and unboxing of value types in JScript

Js|jscript The Expando property of an object in JScript is an important means of adding a member to a reference type such as Object,array, but this is not the case for a value type, such asvar str = "string1";Str.method1 = function () {Do something};

The application of pagination in EXTJS4

  This article describes how to use the pagination in the next Extjs4 and combine front and rear, specific examples such as, interested friends can refer to the following The front section:&

Backbone.js Series Tutorial One-backbone.js introduction

JavaScript in the Web application development front-end technology and back-end technology logic and run a larger proportion of the share. In order to help maintain and iterate prior logic and modularity, the MVC pattern has become increasingly popul

How to solve the problem of Json/xml interchange in C #

I've recently used JSON and XML to convert from one POC project to another, although I know that many libraries like have this functionality, but I've been using spider Studio to quickly implement this feature with an online tool site. Onli

Build your own PHP framework--The base class for abstract controller

We move the simple routing parsing and execution from the portal file public/index.php to the framework. The entry file suddenly became very refreshing ~ ~ ~ But, to our controller, we will see the following code:public function Actionview () {$body

How to convert a dataset into Josn and output

  How to convert a dataset to Josn and output, this is a problem for many novice friends, and here's a good example to help you. The code is as follows: public class jsonutil  {&nb

Backbone Practical Course (II.)

In the backbone real-life tutorial (a) We have written the basic page file, functional requirements and the overall framework. Today we will officially enter the JS code implementation part. First of all, attach backbone and underscore official docu

How to use JSON to implement the # Communication and communication between Java and C

We often have to involve in the project communication between the modules, which is inevitable to encounter the communication between the various languages, such as a previous project is a Java message needs to receive C #, (the specific message is h

Summary of development details of WEBAPP MVC framework

In the previous "WebApp MVC," the "different" lightweight Internet application Development Framework describes the technical implementation of WEBAPP MVC and how to use it, and in this chapter it further sums up some of the details of using framework

ASP implementation read database output JSON code

The code is as follows: Function gettable (Table,where,order,ordersort,curpage, Pagesize,minijson) ' Author:nigou ' Use method: Response.Write gettable (table name, where condition, order primary key (required), Ordersort (ASC,DESC), curpage current

Discussion on the internal mechanism of the combination of Ajax technology (2)

Ajax| V. Invoke functionThe Invoke function is the core, and the flowchart I've drawn earlier has simply described its main process. But this function is too important, here is a list of all its source code:1ajaxpro.request = Class.create ();2

ExtJS and. NET development examples (grid data display, paging, sorted)

Recently a lot of friends care about ExtJS, I recently wrote a project management tool used to ExtJS, I combined. Net wrote a case about grid implementation for the needs of friends reference. This example development environment is: Windows XP + SQ

Backbone.js Series Tutorial 12: Backbone.collection

Backbone.collection Overview A backbone set represents a set of logically ordered combinations of models and provides methods and properties for using (combining, classifying, filtering) these model groups. To illustrate this in this article (model

Use JSON and Ajax to create a Web site's tag cloud (Tagcloud)

Don't say much nonsense, first look at the effect we finally achieved. Source download at the end of the article. Style1: Style2: The tag cloud above realizes the idea as follows: 1. The server side provides information about tag, including t

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