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Microsoft submits new CSS standards to World Wide Web Consortium

Contact CSS Code also has a period of time, talk about the most is generally CSS simplification, how to simplify the CSS code, to ensure that the CSS special effects play to the extreme while allowing the web to load the fastest speed. Microsoft

Usage of console in Javascript

The console object is the native object of JavaScript, a bit like the standard output stdout and standard error stderr of UNIX systems, which can output a variety of information to debug a program, and also provides a number of additional methods

Building emotion and pushing behavior--computer butler small Rockets World Cup

Building emotions, helping push behavior During the World Cup, the streets, the gossip are talking about football related things-today to win the bet, but less; Van Persie diving waist really good, and a dark horse, J star good Demon and so

Using Iscroll to implement an infinite loop of focus graphs

Now everyone should have seen the focus of the results of the rotation, the effect of what I do not have screenshots. Practicing yesterday, the practice requirement is to use Iscroll to achieve infinite loop scrolling of the focus graph, and to stop

Mobile side front-end notes-common JS and CSS problems encountered and solutions

I contact the mobile front-end for nearly a year, special will usually some of the notes sorted out, hoping to give people need some small help. At the same time due to the author's limited level, although the author has encountered the use of, but best practices across platforms

Objective Eight years of perseverance but the leadership of the stubborn, eventually had to be separated from my second language has become a C #, into the Java camp. There has been a brief loss and confusion, but the technology transformation is

DIV+CSS Analog Table Diagonal

First of all: this is only to explore the use of a CSS simulation table diagonal, actually in the work may feel that this is a bit of a fuss, this is not the focus of this topic discussion. If you think of this friend, please smile ...Sometimes when

Emmet: Tools to significantly improve front-end development efficiency

Article Introduction: Emmet the concept of fragment to a new level: You can set the CSS form of expressions that can be dynamically parsed, and then get the corresponding content based on the initials you enter. Emmet is very mature and very

What is the response layout, how the response layout is designed

Article Introduction: Let 's talk about response layout This little thing today, including what is the response layout, the pros and cons of the response layout, and how the response layout is designed (the response layout is implemented via CSS3

WebKit optimized web site in IE10 compatible optimal solution

Article Introduction: This guide covers the most common adaptation scenarios that you can use to optimize your site for WebKit in IE10 and other compatible standard browsers. If you have other tips that are not covered in this article, please share

CSS3 Web Page Production Example: the mouse through the icon animation effect

Article Introduction: today to share a group of stylish and simple mouse animation effect of the icon. The main principle is that when the icon or trigger its pseudo elements, the use of CSS transitions and animations properties, to achieve some of

JS controls the Input/textarea element on the iphone to hide the keyboard when it loses focus

Colleagues in the production of touch screen when the product such a demand: " our page Why click the TextArea box, in the space, the iphone's keyboard can not hide?" " We have tested this problem and it is not hidden. Look at other sites of the

Mobile End JS Touch Event Basics

A touch event on the phone Basic events: Touchstart//The finger just touches the screen when it triggersTouchmove//trigger when the finger moves on the screenTouchend//trigger when the finger moves away from the screen Here's a little bit

jquery Plugin: 2012 Best jquery Plugin

Article Introduction: the long-awaited 2012 best jquery plugin was unveiled. Recently, the famous foreign blog Wdl released the 2012 best JQuery plug-ins. Since its release in 2006, JQuery has been the most popular and widely used

Talk to the robot! --A preliminary study of voice intelligent interaction

We can often see a variety of robots in science fiction films with human beings in the same stage, and human freedom of communication, and even smarter than humans. People would like to know how such a man-made machine is done, can we really create

WAP Design basics

WAP site, which seems to be a bit of an outdated thing. At the beginning of the birth, it is very simple, only through a markup language called WML to build a text + link page without any sense of beauty. Today, most WAP sites are beginning to use

Touch the Future QQ Concept Edition design

QQ concept version after a year of secret research and Development, finally opened her mysterious veil, to the world to show her true face, as a brand new products, as well as the internal closed secret research and development of many factors, may

Design and expression

We often emphasize the communication ability in the work, and product, development, testing and other roles of people need to communicate, and leadership, colleagues need to communicate, communication is a two-way process, and communication needs

For "real fantasy"--the frontier of interactive technology in the field of video games

The gaming industry has been trying to attract the mass groups that have been driven away by complex operations, but the most successful is Japan's Nintendo. In the last game industry cycle, Nintendo successfully exploited the touch-manipulation of

Free from the bondage of innovation--by TriZ theory, analyzing the source and method of innovation

In life and work, we often lock a focus on words "innovation" Often hear people talking about the importance of innovation, how to innovate. In order to innovate we are also in the design process to brainstorm, thinking about how to get more

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