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XPath-case-insensitive queries in. Net

Using Xmldocument.selectnodes (String XPath) is a convenient way to write XPath, but it takes a bit of effort to do it, and today we found that there was no case-insensitive function in XPath1.0. So it's hard to do the following query         

The difference between translate and replace in SQL

  1.translate Syntax: Translate (char, from, to) Usage: Returns a string after each character appearing in from is replaced with the corresponding character in to. If the from is longer than the to string, then more characters in from than to will

Oracle Update issues

Little brother to encounter an Oracle update problem, ask you to help: There are several records in the Zz_file, similar in format: (zz01 zz02) gpyi010 apyi/gpyi010 gpyi020 apyi/gpyi020 ..... The younger brother wants to zz01 the Gpy the

A detailed explanation of Oracle's translate function usage

TRANSLATE (' char ', ' from_string ', ' to_string ') Translate returns a string that replaces each character in the from_string with the corresponding character in to_string. Translate is a superset of the functionality provided by replace. If the

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