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Wow man painting-run! "--Original painting tutorial sharing

This is my earlier painting of the pit Dad step-by-step tutorial. Let's have some fun today. Tools: Photoshop CS3 (more stable function) The first step, of course, is drafting, compared to black and white, I prefer to use more transparent color,

HTML reduces the number of colors in an image

One of the most effective ways to reduce the size of the image to shorten the download time is to reduce the number of colors used in the image. This can significantly reduce the quality of some photographic images, but it is ideal for most banners,

PS Gradient Example: Introduction to the application of cylinder and sphere gradient

PS in the image of the gradient in the use of a wide range, where the small series of cylindrical and spherical gradient for you to introduce the application of the gradual gradient, I hope that you know the gradient in PS Help.

flash8.0 Example: Draw a House

Learn the use of basic tools, but also need to be flexible to make good graphics. Let's draw a simple little house and experience the happiness of creation. Select the Rectangle tool, set the stroke color to black, click the Fill Color button, the

A summary of PHP's various processing function codes for images

First, create picture resources Imagecreatetruecolor (Width,height);Imagecreatefromgif (picture name);Imagecreatefrompng (picture name);Imagecreatefromjpeg (picture name), draw a variety of image imagegif (picture resources, save path);Imagepng

Jpgraph Chinese manual jpgraph Color Control Instruction Tutorial

Continue to translate the Jpgraph help document in the form of a Chinese PHP tutorial, today is about how to control the color of the chart when using Jpgraph, mainly involving the description of several colors in the Jpgraph class library; color

Example of a transparent bitmap class

Write a simple transparent bitmap class, sometimes for the program to Polish a lot of the following is a program I wrote the UI, personally feel quite interesting. Figure One appearance This class can be inserted into any program, it provides a

WPS Magnifier Effect

What is a magnifying glass effect? In general, Magnifier effect is to highlight the effect of local amplification of thumbnails. Take a look at the diagram below to see. What if you don't use Photoshop? The difficulty is to intercept

To dynamically generate an image in GIF format should you notice?

If you use int imagecreatefromgif (string filename); To take a picture of a GIF format, when the background or basic canvas sample is used, draw a graphic on it, please note: If there is no pigment in this file, you will not be able to use

Several ways to introduce other HTML files into HTML files

In the forum often have netizens asked, can in an HTML file read another HTML file content? The answer is OK, and the method is more than one, in the past I will only use the IFRAME to quote, and later found several other methods, then today summed

PHP to upload pictures and image watermark

I believe we all know how to use PHP to add text to the image watermark, but if the watermark effect for the picture? What should I do? Don't worry, the following is the decomposition for you. I also recently used this function, so go to Baidu to

PS Hollywood movie poster tutorial "Red Machine Tail"

Final Effect Diagram: Note: The tutorial is on the train of thought, material students find their favorite on the line. Create a new canvas with a width of 1000, a height of 1480, and a 72 resolution. Place a bird's eye

Web program Development Common Gadget Kit

web| Program Kit [Ctrl + A ALL SELECT hint: You can modify some of the code, and then run]

Making microscope animation effects with PPT

When using PowerPoint to make common sense courseware, we sometimes use the microscope to observe the animation effects of the object, the normal way is to add the relevant Flash animation to achieve, in fact, only in PowerPoint we can also create a

How to set the Win7 gadget not affected by sidebar tutorial

Recently encountered some users using the latest win7 system download found their computer desktop side sidebar do not know where to go, this is the WIN7 system automatically default display way, so many people think it will affect our desktop

Delphi obtains the transparent area of the picture

(*// Title: Get the transparent area of the picture Description: Suitable for making complex irregular forms Design: Zswang Support: Date: 2004-03-10 //*) (*//===================================================================

PowerPoint2003 how to set a transparent color for a picture

Start PowerPoint2003 First, insert the picture, click the menu bar-insert-picture-from the file. Insert Picture Pop up the local dialog box, select the picture, right-click, and display the image toolbar. Show Picture Toolbar From

Fireworks Basic Knowledge

As the first software developed specifically for the design of the homepage graphics, fireworks did a great job, and although fireworks was still deficient in some ways, it still needed to be improved, but she did bring revolutionary changes to web

WPS 2012 comparable to pull the drawing software set the picture transparent color

First, open the WPS text, insert the picture, we start to set the transparent color of the picture, first click the mouse to select the picture. There are 8 hollow drag points around the picture. As shown in Figure 1 Figure 1 Then, in the

FW MX 2004 Tutorial (7): Image output

Tutorial in Fireworks, the default save format for images is. PNG file, which most likely saves the various graphic objects drawn in fireworks, cut  Southern Beak Jue Properties Miscellaneous 胄 Ⅲ mercenary  裎 to raise  brain Qiu pseudo 嗉 

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