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asp.net 2.0 definition of mobile development device filter

asp.net When using devicespecific/choice constructs in a asp.net mobile page, you must define device filters to test the properties of MobileCapabilities objects. You can define device filters in the node of the application's Web.config file,

asp.net mvc three important descriptive objects: Actiondescriptor

The Controllerdescriptor object used to describe it is created by the activated controller type during the model binding. Controller is a collection of action methods, and each action is represented by the Actiondescriptor object, and in this

tutorial on installing filters in Photoshop

In the previous Photoshop tutorial, we shared the Photoshop installation action, the Photoshop installation Brush tutorial, in today's tutorial, we will share the Photoshop installation filter tutorial, Photoshop filters are a very important

To delve into the filters of asp.net mvc

During the execution of the Actioninvoker action, there is an important work in addition to the execution of the action method through the use of Actiondescriptor, as well as the previous model binding and validation, That is the execution of the

HTML Page Header code

In HTML we generally refer to the head of a page as part of the web. The head part of the content, although not displayed in the page, but it can affect the search engine on the Web page of the collection and sorting, as well as the various global

Action filters and the order in which custom OutputCache ActionFilterAttribute events occur

Understanding Action Filters Action filter is an attribute that can be applied to the controller action-or the entire controller, whose base class is System.Web.Mvc.FilterAttribute. It defines how the action executes. The ASP.net MVC framework

PS Filter Installation

In Photoshop, filters change pixel data in different ways to achieve a special effect on the image. One of the Photoshop filters for Photoshop's plug-in filters. There are three types of filters in PHOTOSHOP: An inner filter, a built-in filter (with

Take full advantage of the Informix Dynamic Server optimizer via update statistics

Make full use of the database optimizer through the UPDATE STATISTICS statement in Ibm®informix®dynamic Server (IDS). Read the brief description of this SQL statement in this article to learn how to use it to solve a variety of different problems.

Using Acegi to protect Java applications, part 1th: Architecture Overview and Security filters

Using Acegi security System to implement URL-based safety Acegi Security System is a powerful and easy-to-use alternative that eliminates the need to write large amounts of secure code for Java enterprise applications. Although it is specifically

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