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Install Oracle Client on Solaris

Client|oracle Install Oracle Client on Solaris To install Oracle client on Solaris 5.8, please follow this steps: 1. Create a user account on Solaris, just like:oracle9i. 2. Log on Solaris with the account. 3. Download The Oracle 9i (bit)

Linux Packaging Compression Command encyclopedia

. tar Unpack: Tar xvf Filename.tar Packing: Tar cvf filename.tar dirname (Note: Tar is packed, not compressed!) ——————————————— . gz Decompression 1:gunzip filename.gz Decompression 2:gzip-d filename.gz Compression: gzip FileName . tar.gz

Linux Compressed file Format summary

For those who have just come in contact with Linux, it will certainly give Linux a lot of different file names to get dizzy. Let's just say, in the case of compressed files, we know that there are only two types of compressed files that are most

C + + class for implementing Lzari compression algorithm

This is a class of data compression based on the Lzari algorithm. Haruhiko Okumura the algorithm in C language on July 4, 1989. But it uses some global or static variables, which are inconvenient to use under MFC. I changed it into a C + + class,

Oracle 9i installation on Red Hat Linux

Oracle 1, uncompress and unpack downloaded files One step procedure (uses less disk spaces and is faster): Zcat lnx_920_disk1.cpio.gz | Cpio-idmv Zcat lnx_920_disk2.cpio.gz | Cpio-idmv Zcat lnx_920_disk3.cpio.gz | Cpio-idmv Two Step procedure:

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