unix domain socket

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Start and stop of MySQL server (ii)

mysql| Server third, stop the server To start the server manually, use Mysqladmin: %mysqladmin shutdown To stop the server automatically, you don't need to do anything special. BSD systems typically stop the service by sending a term signal to the

Socket for Linux network programming (15) UNIX domain socket programming and SOCKETPAIR functions

First, UNIX Domain Socket IPC The socket API was originally designed for network communications, but later on the socket framework developed an IPC mechanism, is the UNIX Domain socket. Although network sockets can also be used for interprocess

Sockets and Network Connections

Sockets are used for communication, especially on the network. Sockets were initially developed by the BSD branch of the UNIX system, but are now generally ported to other Unix-like systems: Linux and System V variants also support sockets, and the

Linux Network programming socket (16)

Pass descriptor and SENDMSG/RECVMSG functions through UNIX domain sockets In the front we introduced UNIX domain socket programming, and more importantly UNIX domain sockets can pass file descriptors between processes on the same host. Let's take

Thrift Ttransport layer of blocked socket I/O transport class Tsocket

This section describes the first class Tsocket that implements a specific transport feature, which is an interface that implements Ttransport based on a TCP socket. The following is a detailed description of the function implementation of the

Windows Phone program startup and Android program startup principle Comparison

How is Windows Phone program started, and what is the difference between him and the Android program, we focus on the native code level to analyze When the Windows Phone program is started: Use the application definition in XAML to specify the

About adding extension=php in php.ini

When configuring PHP5 to use MySQL as a database, many people think that as long as the php.ini to add Extension=php_mysql.dll, the instructions can not understand why many articles are recommended to add EXTENSION=PHP_ Mysqli.dll of the order; Just

Build a small network defense system with snort and PHP

This paper builds a small network defense system with snort and iptables in Linux environment, provides a remote management tool from PHP page, and gives the implementation and explanation of key program. Introduction Snort is currently a very

Use PostgreSQL database to do PHP development

Description: The following content is more about how to install the environment, the actual development of the content is almost no, you can consider whether to read this article. PostgreSQL database should be regarded as the Venus of the database

The common commands of the Android adb

 1. Query for several Android devices to connect to ADB server >ADB devices List of devices attached 0123456789ABCDEF device 2. Install a apk to the Android device >adb install-r b:test6577pinyinime.apk 2509 kb/s (1284852 bytes in 0.499s) Pkg:

Instructions for adding a extension=php_mysqli.dll directive in php.ini

When configuring PHP5 to use MySQL as a database, many people think that as long as the php.ini add the Extension=php_mysql.dll, the instructions can not understand why many articles are recommended to add Extension=php_mysqli.dll Instructions Just

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