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The memory of the test of PHP small game

Generate a few random numbers, random questions, a total of 10 rounds Windows command-line effect diagram SUBSTR (Php_sapi_name (), 0, 3)!== ' CLI ' and Die ("Please run in CLI mode"); New Php_cli_game; Class php_cli_game{

PHP Implementation Timer page running time monitoring class

This article describes the PHP implementation of timer page running time monitoring class and its usage, is a very practical PHP class file. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: The PHP timer page runs the time

Microsoft Face Test resolution: Using multithreading to implement a queue

Topic: Implementing a Queue The queue is applied to the following scenarios: A producer thread row the number of int types, and a consumer thread moves the number of int type out. Analysis: First you have to design a queue, and preferably a loop

PHP daemon plus linux command nohup Implementation task once per second

The nohup command function in UNIX is to run the command without hanging up, while nohup all output of the program to the current directory Nohup.out file, if the file is not writable, to the /nohup.out file. So with this command, we PHP is written

Design of Flash chat based on HTTP (real-time communication)

The first two years have been a socket based flash chat code, but not all cases will choose (or have the conditions) to use the socket of the server. Real-time communication based on HTTP can be used in programs that are not too high on the demand

PHP Implementation Telnet feature example

  This article mainly introduces the PHP implementation of the Telnet function example, the need for friends can refer to the following Code as follows:

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