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How the shell generates a specified range of random numbers and random strings

1. Use the system $RANDOM variables fdipzone@ubuntu:~$ Echo $RANDOM 17617 The range of the $RANDOM is [0, 32767] If you need to generate more than 32767 random numbers, you can do so in the following ways. Example: Generating random numbers of

jquery clones

A method for all types of nodes is CloneNode, which is the clone node. Cloning is also the operation we often need to use, is a very simple interface, but there are still a number of details to deal with. CloneNode does not copy JavaScript attributes

The implementation method of Django Imgareaselect manual shearing Head

This article describes the Django Imgareaselect manual clipping head method. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Index.html: ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1

Win7 Ubuntu 12.04 XP Dual-Disk 3 system grub Configuration

Disk 1:ubuntu12.04 Win7 Disk 2:XP sudo update-grub results only Win7 and Ubuntu, click win7 into the system, see Win7 and xp,win7 can start, but XP cannot. So I found a grub file with someone else's

C language Implementation UUID generation algorithm (WIN32 version)

By definition, the UUID (Universally unique IDentifier, also known as the GUID) is unique in both time and space. To ensure the uniqueness of the space, each UUID uses a 48-bit value to record, typically the computer's network card address. To ensure

Non-component uploading program with ADO stream

With ADO stream without component upload program, today I do a brief introduction to it Previously, if you want to use ASP operation files, such as mobile, copy, delete or create a Notepad file, basically through the FileSystemObject object, of cour

Several scenarios to prevent MySQL data loss during server downtime

This article mainly introduced to prevent server downtime of the MySQL data loss of several scenarios, combined with the practice of replication and monitor and failover these three projects, the use of friends can refer to the For most applications

COM step-by-Step tutorial

Introduced For me, the understanding of COM (Component object model, component objects) is no less than a long journey. I believe that every programmer who wants to understand the basics of COM must write at least one simple COM object using normal

MySQL DBA system learning (6) binary log bis

MySQL 5.5 has 3 different formats for binary log (Binlog): Mixed,statement,row, the default format is Statement. Summarize the pros and cons of these three format logs. MySQL Replication replication can be based on a single statement (Statement leve

Pure Java File Operation tool, support file, folder copy, delete, move

I. Understanding of UUID Uuid Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Universal Unique identifier (universally unique Identifier, UUID) is a software construction standard, also for the Free Software Foundation (Open Software Foundation, OSF) organizatio

How to implement 100% Dynamic Data pipeline (II.)

Dynamic | The main idea of the data has been solved, the following start to write detailed design (in the Sybase ASE database for example, others to expand): 1. Establish the middle-tier table vdt_columns, which is used to build the column data in t

A method for VirtualBox of VDI files under Ubuntu

I had a problem using VirtualBox, I copied a VDI file that was originally installed on the OS and used it as a system disk for the new virtual machine. But when I add a new virtual disk through Virtu

How to use vb6.0 to achieve Chinese real-name search

The Chinese language is to find a middle layer, so that he translated into VB can know the thing, not to say nonsense, began slightly Chinese real name is nothing more than the use of IE Iurlsearchhook, but 3721 is not so play, he is using API hook

Ubuntu boot automatically mount partition

First, look at the system's disk code: Fdisk-l disk/dev/sda:120.0 GB, 120034123776 bytes 255 heads, Sectors/track, 14593 cylinders, total 234441648 sectors Units = Sector of 1 * A-bytes Sector si

How to migrate Oracle RAC under VMware virtual machines

Oracle 10g RAC move under virtual machine recently, the VIP of Oracle cluster Resource could not start normally, received crs-0233:resource or relatives are currently involved With another operation e

Generate UUID Custom function sharing in PHP

The UUID full name is the universally unique identifier, which is an identifier that can be generated using any computer, without requiring a central database for management, which guarantees that the

Bluetooth ble in Android 5.0

I. Overview of bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth low energy) Introduction Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology is a low-cost, short-range, interoperable robust wireless technology that works in a licensed 2.4GHz-ism RF band. It was designed to be ultra low

Binary log and stored program considerations

When Binlog records stored programs (stored procedures, stored functions, triggers, events), there may be a problem: statement replication mode: 1, a statement on master and slave will affect different records. 2, slave end of the SQL thread in the e

PHP GUID generation functions and classes

  This article mainly introduces the use of PHP to generate GUIDs, using functions and classes to generate GUIDs, detailed description of what is the GUID, the advantages of GUIDs, and so on, the

Hibernate annoation (three-ID generator)

ID Generation: ID generator visible code not available within hibernate Using @generatedvalue 1 can be used at the same time for different databases   @Id     @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO) 2 for MySQL  @Id  @GeneratedValue(str

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