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Memory Leak Detection Tool Valgrind Memcheck experience with C + +

Linux under the Valgrind is really a sharp weapon ah (do not know valgrind please read the reference (1) (2)), help me find a lot of C + + memory management errors, a while ago in the tangle why vs 2013 Running a good program to Linux under the g++

Basic installation and configuration of QT under Linux system

Qt Creator supports Chinese, starts faster than Eclipse, NetBeans, and has a better interface, and works well with input method FCITX (cursor following). You can use the QT creator Contemporary Code Editor as a vim helper, the advantage of which is

Monitor the memory leak of C program under Linux system

In Linux under some C language programs, the biggest problem is that there is no good programming IDE, of course, like KDevelop and other tools are quite powerful, but I still used to use the KDevelop tool, because there is not a custom programming

For PHP application speed, speed up, and then speed! Part 2nd

For PHP application speed, speed up, and then speed! Part 2nd: Analyzing PHP applications to find, diagnose, and accelerate slow-running code "For PHP application speed, speed up, and then speed!" The 1th part of the series demonstrates how to use

Using Drmemory to discover memory programming errors

Introduction to Dr Memory Dr Memory is an open source free memory detection tool that detects memory-related programming errors, such as uninitialized access, illegal memory access, and memory leaks. Not only can it work under Linux, but it can

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