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Contact VC Four: COM Component model Basics

It's been another year since the year went by. My VC career has been two years old. Can be quite a celebration yo. Review this year's study (alas, there is no work practice yet.) This year, the work is not easy to find WOW. ), but also learned a lot

What's the use of driving a genie?

What's the use of the drive Elf ? The main use of the Drive Wizard is two aspects, one can be driven installation, and the other is automatic hardware detection. It's very easy to operate. To drive the use of elves, Xiao Bian think it is necessary

What's the use of the drive Elf?

Often have netizens in the forum to discuss the driver installation of the problem, such as everyone asked the most: how to install the sound card driver? How to update the graphics driver! And so on, but for the novice friend we generally do not

How to solve the flash-back in the application of WIN8 system

how to solve the flash-back in the application of WIN8 system 1. Use the combination shortcut key +r to open the Run window, enter "CMD" return in the Open Run window to confirm the Command prompt window open. As shown in the following figure

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