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Add hcard micro-format to a Web page

When it comes to "micro-format", there are people who hold the question. In the final analysis, I think the browser and terminal equipment support did not keep up, did not form a complete application process. Still, companies such as Yahoo and

J2ME Personal Information Management (PIM) Overview

Personal Information Management (PIM) in mobile environments As new devices continue to come on the market, it is an inevitable requirement to provide address book, Calendar, and Task List on mobile devices. J2ME applications also need access to

Windows 2000 Active Directory Fault Tolerance

Windows 2000 organizes and manages resources in the network as an Active Directory, and the Active Directory is implemented in the form of a domain, each of which consists of one or more domains. In the domain, the most important server is the

How XP system opens VCF files

how XP system opens VCF files The steps are as follows: First, Vcfedito 1, run VCF Address Book editor software, click on the File menu, open command. 2, pop-up "open Address Book file" dialog box, in the Left Folder List to browse

Microformat official explanation for Hcard

About Hcard Before we say hcard, we first recognize that the Vcard,vcard standard is being widely used, like the "Address Book" in Mac systems. In addition, other bloggers use it to add a small amount of HTML to describe themselves or their

PHP generated two-dimensional code Chinese garbled how to do

Recently done a scan two-dimensional code to get a vcard project, encountered a problem, a part of the generated two-dimensional code, using the Android phone after scanning the Chinese name of the vcard is garbled, after the discovery, this part of

Web site using micro-format test and benefits

Recently, the micro-format for some learning, in the learning process to harvest a lot. In this share, welcome to exchange!Advantages of micro-format:1, semantic HTML and CSS class names to mark common content.2, so that the machine can read and

Using Google API to generate a two-dimensional code card

Two-dimensional barcode/Two-D code can be divided into stacked/row-type two-dimensional barcode and matrix two-dimensional barcode. Stacked/row-type two-dimensional barcode form is a multiple-line short section of one-dimensional bar code stacked;

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