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See a good class today-manipulating XML! Posted out to everyone, do not know before the post did not?

XML;? /* (c) Hans Anderson Corporation. All Rights Reserved. You are are free to use and modify this class under the same Guidelines found in the PHP

C-language Array detailed

  This article mainly introduces the C language array, a friend in need can refer to the What is an array name array is a contiguous amount of memory available. For example, declare an int array int array[]={1,2,3}; What does array represent?

Classes in PHP-manipulating XML (3)

/* Here are the XML functions needed by expat * */* When expat hits a opening tag, it fires up this function * *function startelement ($parser, $name, $attrs) {Array_push ($this->current_tag, $name); Add tag to the cur. Tag array$curtag = Implode ("_

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